So, for starters, first thing I woke up, I was called and told that since halloween is in fact a holiday now, and we never drew for holidays, we can't request it off for our wedding.

That's fine with us.. since we broke up.. but we both wanted halloween off, and we're kinda pissed that we may not have it. So, ******** ever. It's understandable, it's just frustrating because I only ever ask for 2 days off for sure. =_=;


Frost still hates me, but, whatever. Cut my ties, let him rage, get it out of his system, etc.

I think Catbug may in fact be Red.. but I don't know for sure. I'm a bit paranoid, but hey, I've always been paranoid and I push my suspicions just enough to find info. Talked to Red. He knows he went too far, I think. I re-added him because apparently I hurt his feelings by just leaving. Whatever, more ******** drama.

I told him straight up, look I know you're just using me because I'm nothing more than a toy to you. Apparently, he considered us friends, and he was actually hurt. I don't trust him, but who the ******** knows.

I told him I don't know if I can have him on Skype anymore, because I'm too ******** dumb and s**t gets too real on Skype. The things with Frost got too dramatic. He said, You can hold that against me if you want. That was, hopefully, him realizing he ******** up.

I told him it was my fault, though. Because it was my fault, I shouldn't have said anything to him to begin with. He tells me he doesn't use people, and that if he wanted to go after someone, he would. I'm like, fine whatever. I'm considering quitting the chat for realz though. It's a lot of ******** drama.

I was making friends. I was really ******** excited, I'd even kill my sleep just so I could go talk to everyone and have a good time. Now, I might give that up. I'm not having a good time anymore. All of this angst and drama over the stupidest ******** s**t is really bogging me down. I have my phone back, and honestly, I might just look for my games again.

I'm taking a few days off from the chat though, at the minimum. I'll peek in, see what's going on, but if by the end of the week, there's still drama and bullshit? I'm just quitting it. I can walk away, right now. I'm bummed that my chance at new friends, new people to play games with is fading fast.. but hey. s**t happens. I just don't want the rep as a ******** drama whore.. that s**t pisses me off worse than anything.

I abhor drama. I go out of my way to avoid it. I'm not afraid of confrontations, I just can't care less about ******** drama. When drama starts, I shutdown. That's it. 0 ******** given, I just walk away. It's not worth the heartache.