Part 13

Toby woke up from a fulfilling, nightmare-less sleep and stretched. Today is Friday, the best day of the week. He got ready and strutted out of the door ready to take on the day. Perfect weather too. It started to get all cloudy and the news said rain was coming.
He got onto the hover bus, as he did every day, and went straight to school. The skies were bustling with traffic, seems like everyone was off the ground today. In the 22nd century flying cars and such really aren't hard to come by. They just have to make sure they don't go too high over the border limit and get into airplane territory. Those crashes are always horrific.
Anyways, Toby made it to class. He was taking notes in his history class when he felt the sudden sensation of someone staring at him. He looked around to notice that no one was staring at him.
"Toby, did you lose something?" The teacher suddenly appeared in front of his desk.
"Uh. No?" Toby stared up at the older gentleman.
"Then pay attention." The old man then continued with his lesson. Toby shrugged off the feeling of someone staring and continued his work.
The rest of the day was pretty easy, no tests. Good day so far. Then finally came lunch. Toby's stomach growled as he went to go buy his lunch. By now it started raining. Most of the students were under the schools awning roofs and alcoves to keep dry from the rain. Toby was heading towards the cafeteria enjoying the first rain after summer, when suddenly someone came running towards him. They were wearing a dark blue hoodie that was far too big, the hood was over their face, and ran to him. At first he thought this person was just going to run him over so he tensed up ready to push them out of the way if he had to.
To his surprise, the person stopped just a few inches before ramming into him and reached out placing their hands onto his face and looked at him square in the eye almost nose to nose. It was a girl.
"Wh-What th-"
"Do I look familiar to you?" She said plainly, interrupting him. Her hazel eyes bore into his. Toby gulped,
"I don't know. I-I don't know you. What-" before he could finish his questioning, she let go of his face and ran away. "What. the f*ck." he saw her run right out of the school gate. Well that was odd.

That random event stuck in his mind the rest of the day. He told Rocky about it.
"Blue hoodie?" He asked sitting in a chair next to Toby taking a break from his work. "I saw a girl in a blue hoodie today too"
"What color were her eyes?" Toby looked at him surprised.
"I don't know, didn't see them. But she was kind of strange"
"Strange how?"
"Well, she just walked into the shop and started askin me questions. She had no car or anything so it was just odd she was even there, then she came up to me and asked me if I looked familiar. She also called me Stone. I told her I have never seen her in my life. Then she just ran away. Maybe shes another survivor from the game.. or maybe she's stalkin us."
Toby shrugged then shuddered at the thought. "Hm, I doubt it. When she looked at me, she looked.. I dunno, desperate?"
"Yep, she definitely sounds like a stalker." Rocky stood up and went back to work.
"I guess.." Toby trailed off now in deep thought. Who was this chick? What does she want?

Tune in next time to find out!