The truth is, there were always near impossible dreams since the age of humanity.
a good way to explain these dreams would be to look at God.

the ability to create anything out of nothing

ultimate power

knowledge of things too complex for the human mind to comprehend

the ability to create any kind of living, breathing being

to fly

to live forever

scientists and researchers have striven to reach these near impossible goals. goals that many, if not everyone, considered foolish.

but do you truly believe none of it will ever happen???

look at humanity's many new perks of the modern era because they had tried to achieve the impossible.

nukes, missiles, and new war machines continue to be produced all over the world

complex formulas have been created to help humanity understand the deepest secrets of the world

it is now possible to produce clones of a human.

flying machines have been created to take us into the air.

which finally brings us to the future, of how humanity had finally figured out how to be "gods"