There was girl,
she had a mask.
It was full of light and happiness.
When people passed by her they'd smile big,
and go play with extra energy back then.
But little did they know there was ugliness under that mask,
and one day the mask had a crack.
She began to paint her wrists,
but the blade was her paintbrush and the painting was her wrist.
She painted every day and covered it up more and more,
and put on that mask every time she walked out the door.
Then one day people began to see,
the true ugliness behind the girl with glee.
They saw her paintings and they saw her flaws,
and everyone on that day began to pause.
The unmasked girl took out a gun,
and was ready to end the fun.
Because on that day she tried to drown her demons,
but they know how to swim.
Her paintings will forever be the ones that won in the end

Lea Gibbs