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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Twenty-Nine
Chapter 29

“You’re not gonna lay a finger on me,” Jade said, slowly backing away from him. He didn’t follow her, which she took as a good sign. He stepped away from the front door and smiled deviously.

“I won’t,” he said, “But I can’t let you leave until you agree to give our relationship another chance.”

“Why should I?” Jade said, “You were a horrible boyfriend and then you start stalking me and get pictures of me with the guy I was dating. And now you’re asking me to take you back?”

“Because I gave up the music for you Jade,” David replied, “Did he ever give up teaching for you?”

Jade paused for a second and threw her arms up angrily, “That’s exactly what he was going to do David! But I never asked you to quit music for me!”

“But I did. Without you having to ask,” he said, “And I’m not asking to get back together. I’m telling. I’ve given up too easily. I’m convinced we can make this work if you let it.”

“I’ve given our relationship two chances David,” Jade said, “How many more times do you want to break up and get back together before you realize this isn’t going to work?”

“Fair enough,” David walked away into his bedroom. Jade took this opportunity to get the hell out of there. Once she was halfway out the door, she heard David come back, “Of course, if you don’t agree, these pictures could somehow end up being not only all over your campus but I could e-mail these to every single goddamn student that goes to that school.”

Jade turned around and narrowed her eyes, “You wouldn’t be able to.”

“Try me.”

After walking around in circles for ten minutes, an irritated Maya eventually had to call Charlie to figure out where the hell his classroom was. And when he gave her directions, she realized she’d passed his classroom at least twice trying to find it, which made her even angrier. But she pushed the rage deep down once she saw Charlie.

“So do you still wanna see the campus?” Charlie asked.

“Ya know, I think I’ve already seen it,” Maya chuckled, “I was walking around for the longest time trying to figure out where you were. That Professor Gray pointed me in the general direction of your room but he didn’t give me specifics.”

“Oh. Professor Gray is very quiet,” Charlie said, “He’s not real social. I’m not surprised. So, does this mean you wanna go straight to dinner?”

“Yeah let’s just do that,” Maya said. Charlie took Maya to a little diner that just so happened to be her favorite place to eat. Since it was getting closer to evening time, the place was pretty empty. Maya slid into the booth and grinned like a little kid as she opened her menu. Charlie slowly opened his own menu, chuckling at her excitement, “Does this mean I picked a winner?”

“This is my favorite restaurant. You don’t even know,” Maya said, remembering that she didn’t even need to open her menu since she got the same thing every time. She closed her menu back up and put it aside.

“It’s my favorite place too,” he said, “I try not to get the same thing every time though. I like trying new things.”

After they ordered their food, they just sat and talked. Maya found that Charlie was really easy to talk to and they had a lot of things in common. Once they got their got their food the conversation ended except for a few little comments about how good the food was. But once they paid the check and were driving back to the school so she could drive home, they went right back into their conversation. Maya really loved hanging out with Charlie.

“I had fun tonight,” Charlie said. When they had pulled into the parking lot he could’ve just let her get out of the car but he’d actually walked with her. He didn’t want to end their night so soon. They both actually wanted to make their night last a little longer, “You’re really easy to talk to Maya.”

“I was thinking the same thing about you,” Maya said, “And thank you for walking me back to my car.”

“Oh it’s no problem,” Charlie replied, “I hope to see you again soon Maya.”

“You will,” Maya smiled and Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her a little closer. She was expecting him to kiss her on the lips but he didn’t. He placed a gentle kiss on her cheek and squeezed her hands. When he let them go, he waved over his shoulder as he walked away. Maya found herself grinning like a complete idiot, grazing her cheek with her fingertips.

Audrey’s heart pounded as she heard Benjamin’s voice speak to her on the other line, “Is this Audrey Gonzales I’m speaking to?”

“Yes. This is Audrey,” Tom had leaned forward in his seat and Audrey could tell he was holding back when he really wanted to ask her fifty questions. She was getting a little anxious herself. There was a long pause and then Benjamin was back, “We looked over your work. You’re very talented Audrey. Tom wasn’t kidding.”

“Thank you sir,” Audrey said, trying to be as calm as she possibly could. She wondered if Benjamin did this to all of the contestants to make them squirm before he revealed the news. She wasn’t going to demand the news either. She didn’t want to come across as pushy. She just calmly waited for him to spit it out. The more he paused, the more she became convinced he was doing this on purpose.

“It was definitely a tough decision Audrey,” Benjamin said. Her heart dropped. She didn’t make it. She was going to keep it together. She wasn’t going to cry until she hung up the phone. Even Tom seemed to sense what was coming. His smile fell and he grabbed her hand, “But we feel that you definitely deserved to be in the top five.”

Audrey’s heart skipped a few beats and she was trying her hardest to catch her breath and she started flapping her hand with excitement, “Are you serious? I made it?!”

“I’m dead serious,” Benjamin said, “Now we’re going to decide the winner in the next couple of weeks. We’ll reveal the winner at the gallery in a couple weeks. I’ll let you know the exact date when we get closer to it. You can bring whoever you want.”

“Thank you so much!” Audrey said, feeling a little teary eyed.

“You’re welcome Audrey. Good luck,” Audrey hung up the phone and she stood up. Tom stood up with her and grabbed her hands, “I can only assume that this means you made it?”

“Yes!” Audrey jumped up and down and threw her arms around Tom’s neck. He kissed her cheeks a few times as he jumped with her, “Audrey, I am so proud of you. I’m so happy you made it and I know you’re going to win!”

Audrey finally caught her breath and had to sit back down to calm herself down. Now she was going to be anxious for the next couple weeks. Now it was going to be even more competitive since they had narrowed it down to five people. She was going to make herself crazy for the next few weeks.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it's been days since I last updated. I had health issues. I've discovered I'm allergic to Afrin (nasal spray) but luckily my eye pain and head pain went away completely so I'm not feeling all weak and BLEHHHHH. But that nasal spray gave me icky red bumps all over my arms so...no more Afrin for Bailey LOL ANYWAYYYYYS
let's go over today's chapter
Charlie is adorable
Jade is f*cked
And Audrey is sunshine and rainbows. Again.

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