So I have three siblings: two brothers and one sister. They're all older than me so they have more power.

Growing up, there were several times I hated them. In fact, I think I hated them for most of my life. I realized a few years ago that if I died, they would care. Maybe they don't show their fondness for me yet, but the family bond is definitely there somewhere. It may be dormant, but it exists.

In that existence, I found it in myself to forgive whatever wrongful deed they committed against me. I started treating them better, gaining their favour, and BAM! What do you know? I was put on equal standings with them... kind of. They treat me like family now, and that's nice.

I could go on about how my once loathed siblings became normal siblings, but the intention of this entry isn't that.

My second oldest brother is named Bosco. Because of the people I hung out with, it didn't seem like he liked me. He practically hates all my friends and he seemed to hate me for being friends with them. When I was a kid, I thought we would never get along. Because of the giant gap in both age and authority, life sucked when he didn't like me.

But our passion for animals brought us closer. That, and when he broke his leg, I served him day in and day out. Slavery earns you favour points. I'm not kidding. xp

Anyway, Bosco loves games. I mean, I do, too, but I'm a girl. It's not rare nor incorrect for a girl to love games, but something about this gender really discourages it. I find that it's easier for me not to play games than for my brother not to play games.

Basically, his loves for games beats mine any day.

He plays games a lot. At night, in the morning, whenever he can, really. But the weird thing is, he's a math genius. All his courses are math-related, so he finds them relatively easy. That means he can play games instead of studying and still achieve an acceptable score.

At least, that's what I choose to believe. Why? Because he's so happy when he plays games. The Bosco in my childhood memories was always mad, always upset because something in his life wasn't right.

Kind of like me. However, he found happiness in gaming. I wasn't that fortunate.

Anyhow, he liked playing games. It was something that brought joy to his otherwise dull life.

But, you know, you can't play games forever. You can't stay up late every day. You can't assume that there are no consequences.

My mom yells at my brother a lot. I only noticed it recently, but she dislikes how much he plays games. She acts as if it's a bad thing, as if it's threatening several areas of his life.

And you know what? Maybe it is. That doesn't entitle a yelling session, though.

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I absolutely can NOT handle being yelled at. When I witness Bosco getting scolded, I can't help but share in his pain.

Maybe games are bad for him. Maybe my mom is right. Maybe he should get yelled at because maybe games are tearing his life apart.

But his life, outside of the gaming world, is so... right.

When my mom isn't around, he washes the dishes.

In my family, I consider dishwashing the only chore. Everything else is just something you should do out of habit. Setting the table, preparing the meals, putting away the dishes, stuff like that I don't mind. I try avoiding dishwashing whenever I can because I don't want to do it.

But my brother, Bosco, I'll bet my bottom dollar that he thinks it's a chore, too. And yet, he washes the dishes. A lot, actually. And I'm there to witness it, but I'm not the one who should be witnessing it.

It should be my mom. My mom should see how well he works outside of playing games.

It's not her fault. My brother coincidentally plays games when my mother is home. I'm just guessing here, but I think this is due to the fact that he plays with his friends so he doesn't quite control what time he plays games.

I don't know. I mean, yeah, his game playing is a tad excessive, but so is my mom's scolding. They're both innocent, yet both at fault.

My mom works hard, but she would be working harder if not for my brother doing house chores when she's away. My brother could be happier, if not for the yelling.

I feel like, although my mom does hold the power to discipline us (my siblings and I), she in unjustly yelling at my brother. She doesn't know what he does when she's away, so I can't blame her. Bosco does his part around the house, so I can't blame him, either. So why is it, then, that both of them are so frustrated?

Ignorance is bliss? No, not this time.

Today's lyrics are:
I get lost in the beauty of everything I see
The world aint half as bad as they paint it to be
If all the sons and all the daughters stop to take it in
Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin

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