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A frown was delicately settled upon a set of thin lips as their owner watched over all of the guests that had showed up to attend the ball that he was hosting. None of them were to his liking neither did they particularly like the raven haired lord. Perhaps they only came to make an acquaintance with him for the benefit of their social standing, for none were as rich as he. He knew this for an absolute fact. He nodded to another couple as they walked through the ballroom doors to join the others.

The worst part, in his opinion, to the whole ordeal was that he was expected to be so pleasant to all of these people, whom he didn't even know, much less like, but as a powerful being of high standing in the social network, he was civil towards them. He wouldn't smile though. Everyone knew that. The lord of the Uchiha estate never smiled. And what reason was there for that? He thought it a childish gesture of foolishness, and he had no use for it.

Even worse, he thought, he was forced to…dance. This was a ball after all, and it was unacceptable to just stand in the corner frowning at your guests that you, yourself had invited into your home. Though dancing itself was not a problem. He was extremely graceful on his feet as he danced with a beautiful woman. She had emerald green eyes and hair almost as dark as his own. She might come in handy later on, but her hands on him were the problem. He hated to be touched by human hands.

Yes, Lord Uchiha was indeed, inhuman, in both senses actually. He was a much more powerful being. His eyes and the two sharp, slightly elongated canines within his mouth told any viewer as much. The lord was in fact a vampire, a pure blooded vampire. Most knew this, but he was unsure why he was still so revered. Maybe it was fear. If so, it was surely in the right place. The lord was a very cruel being to those that merely agitated him, but as cruel as he was, he was also a very beautiful creature. He often entranced humans, both female and male alike, without his meaning to do so. He merely looked at them for a short period of time and they were at his feet, their blood his for the taking.

Speaking of taking blood, his canines ached lightly for he had not fed in quite a while, and the need was getting stronger. Perhaps he would just find that female that was so eager to dance with him and take her to an outer chamber to nourish him. Ah, there she was now. He talked to her for a few moments as she was more than willing to accompany him to where he had planned to take her.

Of course she was expecting something far different that what he was planning, but he let her remain ignorant until the got there. Then he would tell her, and the fun would begin. You see, the Uchiha loved it far more if his ‘prey’ was less than willing to give up their blood. He loved the fight. Of course when he was done they wouldn't remember anything that had happened in the time when they were with him.
He locked the door behind them and looked at her, emotionless, as he explained his intentions. She, of course, tried to escape. So many of them had tried to do so, only finding it useless after a moment. Then they would try to fight him off. It was obviously another useless attempt. The Uchiha would be amused for a while, but then after having enough he would restrain them, taking from them what he needed. Some of them would scream, but no-one was close enough to hear.

After feeding his senses were always heightened even more than usual, and that was how he felt it. His pendant. Someone was in his room. Someone had gotten to his pendant. At first, he suspected his younger sibling, but his brother was on vacation at the moment with an old friend of their family. This was very annoying, but nothing he couldn't handle. He swiftly made it into the ballroom and alerted a few of his guards that there was a thief in his home before making his way up to his room. They wouldn't get away, they never did. But most didn't try, so this was quite a surprise for him.