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→ i realize the screaming pain, hearing loud in my brain . . .
is really me going insane

xxx"Mr. Nocturne?" Silver eyes looked up from a male model magazine. The eyes were so pale they were almost white, and they almost made the young man, that was their owner, look blind. Almost. He looked up at the young male before him. He was cute, but unfortunately, Alystor couldn't look for potential 'friends' here for this was his place of business. Well, at this buisness, at least. He sighed as he stood and stretched his thin limbs slightly. He was noticeably shorter than the male that they had sent to fetch him. Though he looked young enough to pass for 18, Alystor Nocturne was in fact 23 years old. His skin was far paler than that of the other male, in fact, it was much paler that any of the other persons in the room at the moment, but that fact only added to his beauty.

xxx"Over here. Mr. Nocturne." Another, much older sounding, voice called to him and he ran a hand through his white hair as he followed the voice to a man with salt and peppered hair. He didn't look old. Maybe about 35 or so. Alystor looked at him with the same, bored look that was his most natural expression with dealing with most people. "We need you to get changed for the shoot. The girls are over in that corner." The man said and pointed to a large curtain hung so that it covered a large portion of the corner of the room. Alystor sighed and walked towards them. He pouted mentally. He had told them to get him guys.

xxxOnce he was changed into a pair of tight leather pants that were dangerously low and a long sleeved shirt that didn't even cover his stomach plus a tiny silver tiara, he walked back over grumpily. He hated girls. Them and their staring at him while he was trying to change. He refused the makeup that they tried to force onto his pale face, trying to tell him that it would enhance his features. Bullshit.

xxxAlystor Nocturne, pronounced nock-tern-ay, was, in case you haven't figured it out yet, a male model, and a rather famous one at that. He was loved by men a women alike, much to his displeasure. He didn't have any interest in females at all and wasn't one to become attached to people and he certainly wasn't one to believe in the emotion, Love. Lust, however, was much different, and he considered that emotion to be one of his closest friends. "Alright!" The photographer said loudly and everyone shut up immediately and hurried to their stations. "Ready. And...go." He said, and started to snap shots of Alystor as he positioned himself in front of the blank backdrop in what he and everyone else considered several seductive poses.

xxxAfter a few shots, Alystor looked over to one of the younger assistants and winked at him with a smirk before calling him over with a pull of his finger. His smirk only widened as the boy was about to walk onto the shoot, but it dropped as the photographer threw out his arm in front of the advancing male. "Oi. Alystor. This is not Daemon's place! There will be absolutely none of that in my studio." He said with a light glare and Alystor pouted softly.

xxxDaemon was the name of a famous film director. Of pornography. Yes, Alystor was a porn star, and a gay porn star at that. He absolutely refused to touch a woman or let a woman touch him, no matter how much they paid him. Despite being one of the most famous porn stars in the area, he was severely picky about who he was cast with. They had to be to his liking or he refused. 'Why shouldn't I be picky about the man who I'm going to let f*ck me' A direct quote straight from Alystor's mouth.

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