(♪♫[ I xx c a n n o t βϵԍιη to describe.
T h exx
ђuηԍϵяxx t h a txx Ixx feel again,
R u n xx i f xx y o u
ıηȶεη∂ to survive.
F o r xx t h e
βϵąsȶ is coming to life.]♪♫)

||- Ð e m i t r i u s xxxxxxxxxฬℜѦϮℌxxxxxxxxx§ l a y t o n -||
Y o uxx s p e a kxx o fxx j u s t i c e ?xx O fxx c o w a r d i c e ?xx
Ixx w i l lxx s h o wxx y o uxx t h exx j u s t i c exx o fxx t h exx g r a v exx. . .
xx a n dxx t h exx t r u exx m e a n i n gxx o fxx f e a rxx.

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• A strange noise was heard as a hole was ripped in the air a few inches above the earth. The hole was pitch black and the darkness emitting from it's depths was rather intimidating, and then, the whole was gone almost as soon as it had appeared.It left not a trace of its existence but standing in the very spot where it had been was a male creature. A man? Well the word didn't quite describe the being correctly. He was a male, that was easy enough to see, but there was something about him that didn't seem human. Though, he looked human enough. His eyes were a crimson red and his hair was pitch black and hung down to his waist.

• Of course you would never be able to tell what was really standing there on the street. Who would be able to tell that this was the demon of the sin, Wrath. He stood with his eyes closed, getting used to the feel of his new, human body. As much as he hated to be human again, he was, deep down, a bit glad to be able to corrupt humans in a more direct manner than usual. After a few more moments he opened his eyes and looked coldly at the new earth. It was a completely different place than that of when he was a human. His red orbs took in the sights around him with a rather disgusted look.

• He was in the same condition as Lust when he first appeared. His chest was bare and he was now drenched with the cold rain as he tried to locate them, though the rain had no real effect on him. Even though his body was human, he was still a demon and thus almost unaffected by the weather conditions.


(♪♫[ T a k i n gxx мσяє ȶɦąη a glimmer.
O fxx t h i sxx
ȶąιηȶє∂ moonlight.
D e a t h xx
ąρρяσącɦєs on this night. ]♪♫)