Hi loveies <3 It's been how long? Like ten thousand years, I hope all of you have been absolutely AMAZING!! Well I'm a Junior now and I can't quite tell you how I feel about that because I don't quite know. I can tell you a lot of updates though :3
Our precious puppy ran away while we were gone and the people who were watching her were unable to find her. My sister got a rabbit and then it died and we got another one which is absolutely blood thirsty. Still in color guard, got into the JV show choir, holla xD Um what else did I tell you guys about? Nothing? Hmm...Oh and school is still so important to me, OHH!! I'm learning basket ball, and judge me now but the reason behind it is because of the anime Kuroko no basket....>< Judge me now and forever hold your peace ;P
So, I know school is really important to me because of a couple reasons. If I don't get good grades I can't be in extracurricular and that makes me absolutely terrified because I LOVE everything I involve myself in. I cry over bad grades and I then I hold a grudge on the teacher, whether I like them or not, and just seeing the assignment makes me angry. I get sooooooo upset I'm actually sitting here upset because I brought it up, murder me. Hell.
OH! I'm in the musical at my school, no major part really I have to learn Cantonese for the part and then sing in Mandarin...Yep that's my life right now, I'm going crazy over school. SOOOOO freakin' nervous. Anatomy is ridiculous. Our teacher gets so off track and teaches us nothing. Then my grade suffers and whatever grade I get goes on my transcript which is bad since if I fail that class, I don't even want to think about this nonsense. BLEHHH d: Well then...see you later~
The extremely over, but not really over reacting Tiffany who is giving herself a headache.