Part 12

The distant buzz of an alarm rang but the only thing that could be seen was darkness. The alarm sounded as if it were a mile away. In the darkness a small light began to appear. Suddenly the alarm was blasting and the light was blazing just inches away in blinding light making an ear shattering explosion.
Toby sat up quickly eyes wide with fear. He held his head in his hands breathing in as the fear started to dissipate. Toby closed his eyes his hands releasing his head then laid back groaning. Another nightmare. Regardless of his rude awakening, he got ready for school.
Class was the same as usual. History, Math, Science, English, Art then home. Although, Toby usually went to hang out with his best friend Rocky after school. They just hang out at the auto shop that Rocky works at. It's actually a pretty nice place to do homework.
Anyways, since Rocky already graduated from school, Toby doesn't really have many others to talk to. Of course he has other friends in school, but they are more like people to sit with at lunch but they aren't really close friends. He barely even talks to them. Although, after the whole fire ordeal Toby became the center of attention at the table. The game he used to play with Rocky burnt down. It was sort of like a shooting range that kids could hang out and play at but it went up in flames. It was all over the news. Some people believe there was some sort of gas leak. A lot of the players died in that fire and others were just injured. Toby and Rocky barely remember what happened. The doctors said that it was some kind of traumatic amnesia. They said that their memories might recover but so far Toby has only had strange nightmares.
This was about three weeks ago. It's old news now and Toby was back to being the quiet guy who reads at lunch. He certainly didn't mind though. He enjoyed the peace.

Once the school day was over, Toby walked down a couple streets to the auto shop. Toby ducked under the half open garage door.
"Ay." Rocky called to Toby. He waved that sat in his usual chair leaning back and closing his eyes sighing. "Rough day at school?" Rocky asked as he was wiping his hands clean of the plasma oil.
"No, I'm fine. Just tired."
Rocky nodded then went back to work. Toby continued, ".. I had another nightmare."
Rocky looked back over at Toby concerned as he explained his dream.

"At least this dream isn't as violent as the others." Rocky commented.
"Yeah, but when I woke up it felt like. I don't know." Toby shrugged.
"It was just a dream. And it's was like the doc said. You're memories might just slowly be coming back. A giant fire ball sounds about right."
Toby nodded sitting up. He supposed it made sense. His brain showing moments or images of the fire. Some of his other dreams involved guns and explosions and a lot of screaming. It was all very unsettling. He started to wish that he'll never recover his memories. They both don't usually like to talk about the fire. It makes them feel uneasy.
Rocky went back to repairing the flying car as Toby started to do his homework. Just another regular afternoon in the shop. After Rocky's shift and after Toby finished his homework they walked over to Rocky's house for food.
Rocky lives alone in his own small apartment. He's never really alone though, always has a friend over. After food, they went to play some games. They were stuck on this super hard level and resorted to consulting the internet on what to do.
Rocky logged on and went to ViewTube. When the screen loaded, the boy's eyes were suddenly attracted to the video suggestion box. About four of the videos were labeled, "Pacific Battlefront". Pacific Battlefront was the name of the game that they used to play.
Toby got a bit concerned. Those videos could only be suggested if someone was looking up videos related to the same topic before.
"Have you been looking up stuff about the game?" Toby cautiously asked.
"Nah" Rocky quickly shook his head, "Remember? A long while ago we were lookin up videos.. I think. We were lookin up one of the players."
"Oh. Who?" Toby tried to remember.
"Uh. Not sure" Rocky shrugged then searched for the level walk through they originally came on the internet for.