Phantasy Star Portable 2

The place is deserted, I was curious and went to take a look. I remember when it was super active. Now there aren't even 10 parties in there. I did have fun running around. It seems the hacked characters are the only ones that visit the server anymore. I never got around to hack my main. By the time the hacks came out, I was already at a high enough level not to need them. I did jump into some exp. booster parties and finish leveling, as I was missing only about 8 levels (out of 200) and wanted to get lots of type points so I could switch to Force. But yeah, I had already beaten the game in hard mode and obtained the true ending before that without any cheats, they simply came too late. Anyway, I'll probably hop into the server from time to time so if anyone wants to play some missions and remember the good times, I'll be on my main, Mikari, and the party will most likely be called Shinra... but really there are so few people online these days that if I'm there, you'll very easily find me.

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