I am soooo glad that I made a NEW Gaia. <-- (I think Gaia is awesome so it deserves capitalization) But first, this is not the first Gaia I've ever created. Or the second. Or third. emotion_facepalm Somebody **no name** had the nerve to HACK me and I can't even get on my old Gaia that had tons of money and cool clothes and everything...and I was like, so pissed.... stressed emotion_bigvein Like, how could **whoever you are** do this??? crying Now I have to start ALL OVER. gonk emo But things are actually going faster than I thought it would... even though I just re-created my Gaia on 8/31/13. I got a few rings on zOMG rofl and I got some new cheap clothes that aren't all that great wink and I borrowed some money, only 10000g from a friend. Your probably thinking, "ONLY?! eek " Well, I was too, until I realized how quick it was to earn money when you got a crew. I just never liked being the leader, if you know what I mean... It's like, the Animated only attack you and go crazy ( dramallama ) when YOUR the leader, you get me? And I am NOT exaggerating. talk2hand Lol. But I'm improving a lot, and for you who are wondering, my next Journal--not DIARY update will either be about cats, or foods..... (call me weird all you want, but I just wanna use those cute CAT and YUMMY emotion things....) well, hope you enjoyed my little entry, Talk to you later. Also, if you don't feel like reading my GIBBER about cat_whee these or yum_puddi then message me about what you want me to write about and I'll think about it but there's a 100% chance I'll write about your topics. 4laugh

P.S ~ does anyone know what this is supposed to mean??---> cheese_whine