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Better be careful around me
cgso 7
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Card Game Soap Opera
Wrath of the Black Rose

The setting sun gave the open street an orange glow, with the dark pillars silhouetted by buildings framing the scene. Heels clicking against the ground Shielsia stood by the light post. Placing her hand upon it, recalling that it was indeed the light post she stood next to in the dark game she played earlier that day.
Chattering footsteps of folk who enjoyed their Saturday passed by. They could not comprehend the devastating excitement that took place here. Trying not to stare, Shielsia kept her eyes on the ground, then looked to where her opponent once stood. That dreadful skeleton she faced in a shadow game, kept ringing through her mind.
As she stood she could hear roar’s and blasts from a far. Other people were having fun playing Yu-Gi-Oh with their hologram game consoles, but she had work to do, now.
A clue, anything, she was looking for information on how to restore her father, if at all possible. Not only that, but the ecstasy of life the shadows had made her feel. She was so close to her own soul in that game.
She had explained everything to Maria, who seemed to take it well. It was an unbelievable tale, but after seeing Shielsia duel a skeleton she knew there was something strange going on. Maria went to collect her baby from the food court, with a foreign look adorning her face however, as if she couldn’t trust Shielsia.
A deep sigh escaped Shielsia’s lungs. What was there to do next? Walking over to where the skeleton stood, there was no trace that he ever existed. It was all within her and Maria’s mind.
“Is this where it happened, your duel?” Gaidra walked over, beside him was Maria and her carriage, her son asleep, though her face was glowing just because she was near Gaidra.
Glaring at Gaidra’s solemn expression she felt sick to her stomach. Why did he look so sad, he didn’t lose anything? “Yeah, this is where I beat that skull freak,” placing her arms behind her head in a boastful posture.
“I saw, it was pretty frightening.” Maria waddled her carriage back and forth, only addressing Gaidra, there was definitely a foreignness to her tone.
Shielsia continued. “He seemed to want something from me, so maybe if I stand around here as bait, maybe another evil duelist will show.” Complimented with a shrug.
Politely nodding his head. “Kay, let’s wait then.”
“Shouldn’t you be taking that kid home?” Shielsia looked at Maria, who was a bit taller than Gaidra.
Aiming her eyes upwards, Maria came up with an excuse to be near Gaidra. “Well… I think I should be there, in case something else happens you know.”
“He’s a liability.” Rudely pointing to the baby.
Feeling insult for her child Maria defended. “I-I’m here to protect him.” The uncertainty in here voice was painfully obvious.
“I don’t know about you, but when I was in the shadows, I felt like my chest was being crushed.” Shielsia just shrugged.

The three of them stood, silently for about an hour waiting. They couldn’t bear to look at one another, Shielsia and Gaidra still having the same animosity toward the other, Maria too shy to look at Gaidra, too scared to look at the hollow soul Shielsia, but there they remained back to back, waiting for another duelist to face them.
Letting out a loud yowl, of a yawn she looked to him. “Ya know it’s getting to be late, maybe YOU oughta be going home.”
“Not without you.” It almost sounded romantic. “I mean, you might get locked out, you know how my parents go to bed early.” He justified it. Though Maria thought it was romantic, wanting at the moment to tell Gaidra that Shielsia had no soul. Gaidra already knew this.
Pressing her arms together, squishing her breasts between her biceps leaning forward making kissy faces at him, she teased. “AWW, you really do have a crush on me, too bad you’re about a thousand life points out of your league.”
“Just a thousand?” This time he teased right back, as 1000 life points in Yu-Gi-Oh wasn’t typically a big number.
“HEY!” A jealous yelp from Maria and the baby started to gurgle, so she went to tend to it.
“Stop screwing around, you’ve got no reason to be here.” Shielsia whispered.
“Neither do you.”
“Oh yeah, you’re probably right, let’s go.” She realized that nobody was going to show.
Suddenly a cloaked figure appeared. “Ah, you’re the Spellbook duelist from Wheeler high!” His voice was deep and he seemed very thick beneath his cloak.
“Hey, now we’re getting somewhere, time to duel buddy!” She activated her duel disk; she wasn’t going to get punked by the shadow games penalties like last time.
“So quick to jump, but you’re deck is not tier 1, you would stand zero chance against…” He opened his cloak showing that there were several decks within it’s lining. “THE GAME MASTER!” He was wearing a red mask over his face and his blonde hair was brushed back.
With familiarity to this opponent Shielsia turned to Gaidra, “Isn’t that?-“
“Uhh… Shielsia…” Gaidra placed a hand on her shoulder, he was familiar with this opponent, but she shoved it off and ignored him.
Her duel disk’s holo-projectors, created the duel field below her, so did the Game Master’s.
“I’ll start things off, with Temperance of Prophecy,” A cloaked women, with ribbons flowing from her belt and a green pony tail shimmering down the side of her shoulder from her hood stood praying. “I play Spellbook Star Hall, followed by Spellbook Library of the Crescent.”
She revealed 3 Spellbook cards from her deck and placed them all face down onto her duel disk. “Go ahead; pick any one you’d like. That’s how gracious I am, allowing you to choose your own destruction.”
The backs of the cards appeared vertically before her as holograms. Game Master was not impressed.
“Please, that is another beginner card, nobody plays it seriously.” Game Master shrugged selecting the card on the left, which was Spellbook of Secrets.
“Good choice.” She complimented him with a wink and played her searching Spellbook of Secrets card, which added to her deck from her hand Spellbook of the Master.
The same pillars as last duel appeared and surrounded her, and two lights appeared as spell counters. These brilliant lights creating an illuminating glow. With her hall, she was more than ready to keep the shadows lit up when Game Master opened the door way to the dark world. She then played Spellbook the Master, revealing Spellbook of Wisdom from her hand to search her deck for another Spellbook card; Spellbook of fate, she then set a card in her spell and trap card zone.
The Game Master snickered. “You’re playing with Temperance and cards like Crescent; you really are a newb, aren’t you? You’ve beaten your opponents with sheer luck. There is no way with a deck as loosely constructed like yours could you beat top tier opponents; Gaidra or Pazzarelli in a real duel. Your deck is unbalanced.” His grinned teeth strained his lips, stretching them out. Gaidra looked a bit ashamed, but he knew never to judge a deck by how it’s built, until he’s seen it played.
“I am perfectly balanced; perhaps you are the one who is the newb. By now I would have expected you to create a shadow game.” She began speaking in her mystical voice, accentuated the word balance as she activated her Temperance ability and sacrificed it for Prophecy Destroyer.
Her mighty Destroyer took the field with it’s wings spread out, holding it’s ‘sword of dark destruction’ in it’s hand. Then she set one card in her spell and trap card zone.
“Now make your move shadow being.”
The Game Master didn’t quite know what she meant by that, but decided to play along having an over active imagination. “Yes my dear, the shadows will consume you as I play my tier 1 spell, Spellbook of judgment!”
A large crystalline formation appeared with a wide array of colors, which made the sky above their heads glow. Shielsia just smirked with cocky lips.
“How pitiful, playing a broken card to win a game.”
“I think not, it is perfectly balanced. You’re just jealous you don’t have this card!”
“Yeah, so are E-dragons…” She fished into her purse which rest over her hip and revealed 3 Spellbook of Judgment cards. “I just don’t need’em.”
“Your deck will never be tier 1.”
“True, my deck is not tier 1, but I am.” She grinned cruelly back at him. “So let’s see how many cards you can suck out of your deck with it, but in the meantime my Star Hall will gain counters, giving my Destroyer of Prophecy more attack points.” 2900
“That won’t matter.” Game master smirked throwing out an array of cards. Spell Book of secrets to search for Spell Book Magician, to search, for his own Spellbook Star Hall. He then played Spellbook of power from his hand to boost his Magician’s attack, then he played Spellbook of the Master to copy Spellbook of power’s effect to increase his Magician’s attack by yet another 1000.
“Ha, you’re still not strong enough to beat my Destroyer; your little Magician is only 2700, while my guy is 3300, off by 6!”
Game Master was no fool, he had a feeling he knew what Shielsia’s face down card was, he’s played against Spellbook’s many times and knew she would chain either Spellbook of Wisdom or Spellbook of fate against his very own Spellbook of fate.
“Time to force the activation of your face down card.” He threw Spellbook of fate into his duel disk and banished 3 Spellbook cards from his graveyard.
She chained her face down card, “Spellbook of wisdom, protect Destroyer-" While she spoke Spellbook of fate blasted right past Destroyer of Prophecy and removed from play her Spellbook Star Hall. Either way, Destroyer lost his power up.
The Game Master then called his little Spellbook magician, who was busy counting people’s tax returns in his own Spellbook. He looked up to Game Master, tipped his hat and blasted away Shielsia’s Destroyer of Prophecy.
Game Master added to new cards to his hand for both of his Spellbook of power effects. He played Spellbook of fate to bring back Spellbook of power to his hand, and then set Spellbook of wisdom to protect his Magician for next turn.
His endphase came and he began to reap the benefits of his Spellbook of Judgment; a completely replenished hand with all new Spellbook cards and he summoned Jowgen the Spiritualist in defense mode. 1300
The monk Jowgen sat with his leg’s crossed, glowing a white aura emitting its special power, which Shielsia was about to run into.
She drew, for all of Game Master’s talk she only lost 400 life points. Though now he had a full hand and she merely had 3 cards...
“I call forth Destroyer of prophecy by banishing 3 Spellbook cards from the grave-“
“CAN’T!” Game Master denied in a condescending tone. “Jowgen prevents you from special summoning.”
“He does, does he...?” She bit her thumb contemplating.
Before making her next move she paused and then pointed her hand of cards at Game Master. “Are you going to make this a shadow game or not, because it’s been two turns and you haven’t done squat!” She growled.
“Shadow game…?” He looked confused.
Though she was stunned by Jowgen’s locking effect, Gaidra tapped her shoulder, finally getting her attention. “Like I’ve been trying to tell you, he’s a kid from our school.”
Kid from our school… Kid from our school… Kid from our school?!?!
“You go to Wheeler high?” She glared at Game Master, who gave a nod.
“I’ve watched your duels, so I know your tier 25 deck well.”
“Not well enough, for my cards are about to show you no mercy,” she was frustrated thinking he was like that scary skeleton zombie duelist from before.
“Right… No matter how close you get, my superior card advantage will destroy you in my next turn.” His gloating was annoying.
“You think there’s going to be a next turn? Not after the pointless crap you just pulled!” She angrily placed her Effect veiller in attack mode. 0/0
Effect veiller’s long green hair came down in two long, as her slender body twirled. What she lacked in attack points she made up in being a tuning and being able to allow Shielsia to play her Spellbook of Fate.
She banished her two spellbook’s to set Jowgen.
“Like you I chain Wisdom, which protects Jowgen.”
“My deck’s not all Spellbooks, but I do read a lot, so now I play Book of Moon.” Since she played Book of Moon against Spellbook of Wisdom it took precedence. Both of Game Master’s monsters were set face down.
“I guess I’m going to look like a copycat, but since you copied my Wisdom strategy, it’s all fair game.” She revealed Spellbook of Eternity, playing it to get back her Spellbook of secrets to grab Spellbook Organization from her deck. She played it, taking the top three cards of her deck, arranging them. Before placing her top card down she revealed it; Grand Spellbook Tower.
“This is the card of your demise, for now you lose.” She prophesized as usual when playing her Spellbook tower, though it was just going back to the top of her deck; revealing it hindered no true consequence, but playing Spellbook organization did.
“It’s not like you can play it.”
“No, now I can finish you.” She banished Spellbook of secrets, Spellbook of Eternity, Spellbook of Fate to revive Prophecy Destroyer via it’s own effect. She placed her hands over her chest chanting with her eyes closed.
“To thou who requires seven, thou who is darker than dusk, more red, than blood covered thorns” She began as her Destroyer and Effect Veiller starting to glow. “Crimson destruction and despair to all, I call upon thee pentagonal servant; come forth Black Rose Dragon!”
Her two monsters vanished and a vicious dragon, who’s short snout was made of rose pedals and a red billowing smoke surrounding it, appeared on the field, covering everything in the crimson rose pedals.
The hologram image horrified Maria, while Gaidra watched in awe. She wanted to hide behind him, as the beast’s lips bloomed open and a powdery blast exploded from its mouth. A brilliant orange and then black, the field was left empty. All of Game Master’s cards were destroyed.
Game Master blocked his face from being hit with erratic rose petals. He stood proudly. Shielsia now had no hand, no monsters. He had no field, but six cards in his hand to devastate her with. Then Suddenly Destroyer of Prophecy returned.
“I made sure to fill my graveyard with enough spellbook’s.” Her voice was not in the greatest of spirits, still quite agro about not facing another shadow opponent. She banished Spellbook of the master, Spellbook organization and Spellbook of wisdom to again revive Prophecy Destroyer.
The mighty destroyer wielded it’s blade against Game master decimating his life points to zero. “Take that to your bank and smoke it.”
“Hey Maria, see ya tomorrow, kay.” It was her way of casually setting up something to do as she stomped off, leaving Game Master confused and beaten; he still didn’t understand how she won with that kind of deck. To rub it in, he could still hear the sound of Gaidra and Shielsia bickering over his identity filling the otherwise calm and quiet streets.

Sunday: time to get things done? Or Card Games on Motor Cycles!?!

Staring at the ceiling projector lights of the duel dojo, Shielsia spent all night without sleep. She was in her sleeping back just thinking about the duel against the Skeleton, the powers the shadows had. She really needed more information. So she hopped out of bed at five in the morning, got dressed, wearing a yellow tube top, two elbow high fingerless pink gloves and a pair of white cargo pants. She looked like a glass of pink lemonade.
Going to the Drown house, she quietly opened the door and snuck in, not wanting to wake anybody. Since the duel dojo was in the back yard, walled in by large hedges, she had to go through the front to leave. She passed the den on her way out and caught a glimpse of the book shelf. Doubting it would be any help; she trotted over and glanced at the titles.
Scanning through there was a couple of sci-fi novels by Michael Crichton and Thomas Harris, some Edgar Allen Poe, an incomplete set of old encyclopedias and tons and tons of romance novels. (Mrs. Drown’s collection…)
About to give up, a brown, dull, yet large binding caught her eye. It looked oddly familiar. She pulled the thick book out, it had no title. Opening it to discover that it had been hand written, like a journal. If it was a journal she didn’t want to pry into somebody else’s personal life. She was about to return it then a word popped out at her from the messy hand writing; Shadow.
“Can’t hurt to take a little peak…” She squeaked to herself, reading more and then more. This seemed to be Mr. Drown’s diary and it told of shadow games just like hers. She learned about opponents that wouldn’t even play with cards but with stone tablets.
Wait, she had seen that before! Back in Egypt when she was trapped in the tomb, the ghostly figured challenged her to a duel, after winning he removed her and Davoski’s souls.
The morning sun began to shine in through the window of the den, giving Shielsia an invigorating orange glow. Her long red painted finger nail kept guiding her eyes as she read, ignoring everything else surrounding her.
Walking past the den, Gaidra saw the girl sitting on the floor, legs crossed, book in her lap. He entered the den. “What is that?”
Lost in the tales from the shadow realm she ignored his question, instead she kept on reading. Page after page, she zoomed, quickly reading with full comprehension. It looked as though she was skimming, she was going that fast.
There had to be a way to lure the shadows out, to find an opponent. Though with every new entry, it seemed as though the dark duelists would find you. Each entry was dated days apart too, not good. She didn’t want to wait days for another opponent to find her, she wanted to find them!
Tilting her head she would look at Gaidra with a sideways gaze. Below her eyes puffs of darker skin began to form in her sleep deprived state. She slapped the book shut and put it back, letting it stick out a bit further from the other books, knowing she would make references to it later.
“It’s nothing.” A reply finally escaped her lips.
“You didn’t sleep at all.” His tone was scolding.
“It’s on my to-do list.” She stood up, stretching; several pops of her cracking back chuckled. “Besides, it’s Sunday, no school-“
“Did you do any of your homework?” His voice remained authoritative.
“Pfft. Yeah, like at the end of every class, during idle time.” She laughed it off, a bit of energy returning to her face. “Got things to do now, so if you’d excuse me.” She walked past him to leave.
“Be careful…” His concern fell on deaf ears, the front door opening and closing as she left.

Wandering Checkton so early in the morning was pretty boring. Shielsia was mentally cataloging everything, from the book barn, to the magic shop and all the different restaurants, though they held no stand on her life. She was hoping through the morning haze some shadow creature would strike, unfortunately nothing happened and her morning seemed to be wasted.
It was 10 AM when she began texting her friends; Cassie and Maria. Seconds past, Shielsia kept walking. Bwoop! A reply from Maria; She was up! Shielsia texted and walked toward Maria’s home, telling she was showing up.

Shoulder length black hair, with parted bangs, a top a creamy milky face, which seemed to glow in the dark where she stood. Something fell in front of her, it looked like a withered rose petal. Reaching her hand to touch it, she was sliced. Blood pooled in the palm of her hand as she retracted her arm.
Above her was a giant red rose, from within it’s center, the horrible head of a beast. It’s slender short head came to a tip and had two empty black eyes. It screeched breathlessly and everything was engulfed in flame. Maria ran, but she found Shielsia, standing there, still, eyes closed.
“You did this!” Maria tried to speak, but her words choked up. She tripped backwards falling into a bed of rose’s, all exploding around her. Shielsia stood still in the center of it, her eyes opened and looked down with cruelness plastered over her face…
The screeching sound of the Black Rose Dragon became Maria’s cell. She was getting a text and her child, was gurgling in his crib. Maria turned over in her blankets, the tall girl’s feet longer than the bed, hung out. She knew she had to get up.

Maria’s apartment wasn’t the greatest, it was on the first floor and the front door was actually a garage door. That’s right, her apartment was originally built as a garage, but she had access to all the necessary facilities, a bathroom, kitchen, they even had a recreation area with a TV and a decorative fish tank, of course it had been barren of fish for years.
In her room, there was still several parts of a motor cycle scattered and organized into the best piles possible and whole one covered in cobwebs in the corner. She had her bed, and a crib with the crying baby; Crede. “Oh Credey.” She picked him up, she had already to prepared his formula and held the bottle to his face. His tiny hands could grasp it, but barely and he chewed on the false n****e, sucking down the yellow drink.
She yawned while feeding him, she thought of what Shielsia had told her about not having a soul. She didn’t question it, not after experiencing the nightmarish shadow realm with that skeleton man. If Shielsia didn’t have a soul however, could she be trusted? Was she some sort of monster? These questions passed through Maria’s head, thinking about the bond with her new friend. Other things, more pressing things crossed her mind.
Today her ex-boyfriend would come to take Creed away for four days in the parental rotation. This made her a bit relieved and uneasy. She would be able to spend time with Shielsia and Cassie (if she ever woke up) but her ex- Jack Bikeno was extraordinarily irresponsible. Not to mention he should have been there by now.
Then she heard it, the roaring of his motor cycle. Motor cycle?! Maria hated that thing and it was no way to carry a child from her place to his. The garage door began to open; he had a switch to open it too. Maria clung to Crede protectively as the day light filled the dimly lit apartment, with the profile of Jack on his motor cycle.
The damned thing was loud and irritated the baby. Maria marched up to Jack holding Crede tight. “You are not taking him on that.” Her face had contorted with ferocity.
“Ey.” He paid no attention to anything she said, his greeting was obnoxious. He killed the sound of his engine and hopped off his bike. It was a modified Suzuki duel runner, customized by him.
A duel runner is a machine and was a special way of playing the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. Two players would ride on duel runners and it had special rules, but this concept of dueling was out lawed due to the number of death’s it caused, as playing a card game and driving a motorized vehicle were extremely dangerous.
“How’s my little rebel?” He took Crede from Maria’s arms as if she was just a cup holder. He held the bottle to the kid’s lips, pushing it a bit forcefully, making the baby spit up, he pointed the child away, so he wouldn’t mess his leather jacket.
“Jesus, what the hell you feedin it?” He croaked.
“His formula.” She took Crede away from Jack and burped him over her shoulder. “Go home and get your truck.” She demanded as cool and calmly as she could.
“S’in the shop.”
“You own the shop.” She retorted with insult, though her voice was beginning to creak nervously. She had been down this road before. He would make excuse after excuse of not to do something. Next he would probably say that the shop was closed.
“Had to shut it down for a bit, cops on mah a** again.” He was notorious for scrapping his customer’s vehicles. “Don’t worry; he’ll fit right in back with tha car seat.” He fidgeted the shotty looking piece of junk on the back of his motor cycle and it wiggled too much for Maria’s comfort.
She had to keep her foot down and not waver, though every time she tried with him, he would usually get his way. She shook her head with a strong swivel, black hair swooshing about. “No is no John, go home and get your truck.”
“Mari… Do you know how much money that would be? Just the gas, like 10-15 bucks.” He was beginning to Jew her into a corner with the financial points of it. Both extremely strapped for cash, this trick always worked on the frugal Maria.
“Well Idono…” Maria was at the cross roads of her decision making. Crede has never been harmed with Jack before, but still she’s ridden on the back of his bikes and it’s a shaky ride. “I suppose if it was this one time…” Her hands trembled as she was preparing to hand her child to the maniac.
“Just this one time.” He smirked, though there had been other times before in which he said exactly that.

Finding her way to Maria’s, Shielsia overheard the two arguing. Lifting her head from her phone, she saw Jack’s motor cycle and went trotted on over jubilantly.
“Whoa, this your bike?” Glancing at Jack, she fidgeted with the brakes on the handle bars, and looked how there was an area designed much like a duel disk on the front.
Seeing Shielsia Maria made a nervous squeak, delighted to see her, but almost more out of fear than joy. Seeing Shielsia again, sparked the prior questions that drove through her thoughts about her not having a soul. A monster or friend…?
“S’my bike.” Jack gloated. “You wanna ride too babe?”
“I would rather drive it.” Shielsia hopped on it, her thighs straddling the gas tank as her back arched improving the shape of her round rear.
“Who the heck is this guy?” She turned and asked Maria.
“I’d like to know who you are too, Maria never mentioned you.” Not to come on too strong, Jack acted pleasant to Shielsia. He was enthralled by the buxom beauty, her exotic dark skin, and strange red hued eyes, not to mention the curves smothering his bike.
“Name’s Shielsia, just got in town.”
“This is Jack my-“
“Ex-boyfriend.” He winked, “I’m Crede’s father, and I get him for the next four days.”
Shielsia could already tell what kind of person Jack was. “You think you’re taking Crede on this?” She reached behind her fidgeting with the loose baby seat.
“You can come too; I’ll prove it’s safe.”
Maria gave a signal to Shielsia and shook her head. She was still in doubt, but she needed Shielsia to stay on her side.
“Get another ride; cause you aint taking a baby on that thing!” Shielsia hopped off Gave a reassuring smile back to Maria, though her eyes still looked empty. It was impossible to notice that her eyes were different from a normal person’s, but now Maria could see the black void of emptiness within Shielsia’s gaze.
“It’s only twenty or so miles, he’ll be fine.” Jack attempted to justify.
“Two miles or twenty miles doesn’t matter. It’s stupid.”
Jack was silent for a moment, his eyes moving up and down Shielsia’s body. He saw the duel disk attached to her; the small triangle gave him an idea. “I’ll show you how safe my bike is in a duel, how about that?”
Catching him gazing a look at her duel gauntlet, she tilted her head down. “How would playing Yu-Gi-Oh show off your bike’s safety?”
“I think he wants to turbo duel with you…” Maria stated a swell in her throat building from the idea.
“Yeah, if I win, I can take the kid.” Jack hopped back onto his motor cycle. He threw a blue helmet with a visor that lit up and read several different card readings. He already had a deck by the ignition and revved up the duel runner with a soft purr of the engine. “Catch me if you can!”
“This is going to cost more gas than just going back to get your truck!!” Maria whined, but Jack was already off.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get’em!”
“How?!” Maria exclaimed, then they both of looked back into Maria’s room. She was still holding the baby, who was huddling against her, almost afraid of his own father. Shielsia cocked her brow and gave an odd smirk.

Racing down the streets of Checkton on his bike, Jack kept glancing into his rear view mirror, waiting to see if Shielsia was behind him. So far just bits of traffic, he was annoying flew behind him.
Then there was a billowing cloud of smoke. It was coming right for him. The smoke’s origin; the buxom Shielsia, atop the old crankity duel runner that was buried in Maria’s room. She was coming at him at top speed, well as fast as it could go. He head tucked away in a red helmet, which had a snowy fuzz on it’s screen.
“Catch me if you can babe!” He found her signal on the intercom in his helmet.
She heard his voice and swerved past a tractor trailer truck, leaning her body to one side. She watched everything fly by her, the wind beating upon her face; it was time to turbo duel.

Card Game Soap Opera:
A Card Game on Motor cycles

Author’s note: In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s a turbo duel is based around a field spell card called Speed World. In this universe the Turbo duel has rules based on actual speed. If your turn lasts less than a minute, you will gain 500 life points during the end phase, every time you brake, 500 life points is taken out of life points as a cost. As always the duel opens with 2000 life points, like in all prior chapters.

The afternoon traffic was interrupted by two speeding motor cycles; thundering down the way. They swerved and avoided hitting other cars.
“Watch it you assholes!” A cranky bird-like man held his bony arm out, shaking it at the two, and then he saw a mechanical bird, propelled by a fast spinner, holding a large block of concrete.
“I whip out Zero Gardna and end my turn.” His bird hologram was flying right beside him, struggling to hold the giant rectangle of concrete.
Jack’s life points appeared on both his and Shielsia’s helmet’s screen, but the number seemed to increase by 500, was this Zero Gardna’s effect? It was difficult at first for Shielsia to catch up and pay attention to the bottom corner of her visor, but she quickly got the hang of it.
Still behind Jack Shielsia had her duel disk hooked up and she drew five cards and one for her turn. The bike wobbled as she did so, so she pressed the brakes to steady herself, then suddenly her life points dropped by 500.
“Didn’t mention the rules of turbo dueling did I?” Jack’s voice spoke in her ear, from the headset in the helmet.
“Got it, we lose 500 each time we use our brakes…” She did her best to keep at a normal speed and avoid traffic, but it was going too fast, they passed the casino and she saw Simone, again pressing her brakes out of distraction and losing another 500.
“She ees dueling ees illegal!” Simone yelled accusations, but soon disappeared into background of Shielsia’s rear view mirror.
Down half of her life points just from the turbo duel rules, Shielsia now had to buckle down and pay attention. She was now having trouble holding her cards and holding the handle bars of the motor cycle. She noticed a slot on the bike and put her cards in it. Her hand now appeared on her visor. It was much easier, but now she had three different things impeding her vision.
“Now I’m ready to play Spell Book of secrets, to take from my deck Spell book of power.” She physically placed the spell card in her graveyard. She then placed Spell Book Magician of Prophecy. “He will search my deck for Grand Spellbook tower.”
The Spellbook magician was flying beside Shielsia, holding onto his hat with one hand, the other hand, giving the Spellbook grand tower card to Shielsia, who snatched it up and threw it into her duel disk, the field placement zone opening.
Unlike in her other duel’s Spellbook Grand tower didn’t appear as a massive hologram, it was a green counter on her vision reader. A hologram that massive could not be generated to fly around at sixty miles per hour.
Jack still way ahead of her, knew everything she was doing. “Better not play too many cards, or you won’t get your life points back.” He recommended.
“What?” her voice was static.
“Make your turn less than a minute and you gain 500 points.”
So that wasn’t Zero Gardna’s effect! Shielsia stared at the monster in front of her, it’s attack was 0 and she was not sure of what it could do, but knew it had to have some sort of effect, otherwise it wouldn’t be mocking her like that in attack mode.
“I increase my magician’s attack with Spellbook of power.”
Spellbook Magician delved his eyes into the Spellbook of power and increased his attack points by 500, now at a total of 1500.
Letting go of the handle bar, but for only a second, Shielsia held her fist up. “Attack!”
Spellbook Magician flew up to Zero Gardna, and then Zero Gardna flew right through him, then up to Shielsia and flew right into her too. She grimaced at the oncoming monster, but felt nothing. Checked her mirror, nothing; it was gone.
“Zero Gardna protects my life points if I send him to the grave yard.” Jack radioed in.
Shielsia grunted, her magician would lose it’s power up at the end of her turn, so she placed her Magical hat’s card in her spell and trap card zone to protect him from any attack and ended her turn.
“Time for more points.” Jack was way ahead now, not having used his brakes once. He played the Spell Pot of Duality to add a new card to his hand and that did it, he gained another 500 points, putting him at 3000.
Drawing and using her tower to send Power from the graveyard back to the deck, to draw one extra card, Shielsia aimed to play fast. She quickly revealed 3 Spellbooks; Master, Wisdom and Eternity, showing them to Jack via duel visor, then played High Priestess of Prophecy in attack mode.
She went onto the attack, with both her monsters it was 3000 and game, but Jack played a monster from his hand called Battle Fader, which ended the battle phase. Shielsia quickly ended her turn, increasing her life points by 500, since it was a rushed move.
“Looks like it’s time to get you.” Jack’s runner was now closer. Shielsia was going fast.
“Go for it.” With Magical Hats face down she was ready and actually wanting him to attack.
“I set a monster face down.”
“Yeah… That’s getting me.” Shielsia groaned, hitting the gas hard to get right next to him. Both duelists broke apart to pass a school bus, carrying a bunch of mental patients.

Seeing Shielsia’s monsters flying beside her, caused quite the hysteria too. High Priestess of Prophecy’s flowing white skirt’s glowing caused a couple patients to believe ghosts were chasing them.

“Oh it is, check this Taiyou.”
“Taiyou…” She knew all ‘Book’ cards and Taiyou flipped a face down monster.
A friendly looking metallic jar consumed all monsters on the field. Both players were blanketed by a cloud of hologram smoke, blocking their vision. (Hence why Turbo duels are illegal.)
When the smoke cleared Shielsia had to use the brakes again, or else she would have hit the back of a Red car trolley. After losing the 500 points she just gained, Shielsia’s monsters were gone and a new monster was set on her field. 8 of her cards were also milled from her deck directly to the graveyard.
Jack also had a face down monster now, and it seemed he had to mill 6 cards too. Cool thing about the visor counters it kept track of the number of cards in the deck, graveyard and banished zone.
Seeing as though High Priestess of Prophecy and Spellbook Magician were nowhere in sight they must’ve gone back to the deck.
“Hope you enjoyed my Morphing jar 2.” Jack smirked, he knew Shielsia still had no idea what his deck’s strategy was. He ended his turn, just under a minute gaining another 500. 3500.
Like last turn Shielsia used her tower to send a Spellbook back to her deck and to draw an additional card. “Might as well see what I got face down.” She flipped her monster into attack mode, it was Crystal seer and had the ability to check the top two cards of the deck, add one to the hand and send the other to the bottom.
“Since she’s a danger to my cause I send Seer to the grave to summon Reaper of Prophecy.”
The weak Crystal seer bid Shielsia adieu and reaper took its place. It swung it’s scythe to reap the benefits of the Spellbook cards in her graveyard and increased it’s attack by 600. 2600
“Seer’s gift will come forth.” She revealed her 3 Spellbooks yet again and summoned High Priestess of Prophecy.
Just the first bit of dejavu to happen in this duel, as Priestess’s pinked hair was blown back by the wind. She flew beside Reaper, the two seemed to enjoy each other’s company. Spellbook of Secrets was banished by Priestess so she could destroy Jack’s face down card.
Jack drew, as Shielsia’s turn was done. Shielsia’s motor cycle locked up on her, but not to her own accord and she didn’t lose the 500 penalty for braking, nor did she gain 500 for her turn being under a minute.
“What the heck?!” Her screeching voice was added to the tire’s symphony against the pavement. She regained control of the motor cycle.
“Since you destroyed Neko Mane King your turn immediately ended.” Jack gloated, loving how his cards were set perfectly for a turbo duel. To keep his turns short and to cause annoyance and to possibly crash the opponent.
“Since I like to keep things short and sweet.” He set 3 spell/trap cards and another monster in defense mode and gained another 500. 4000
“A little too short.” She drew and used her tower to draw again.
“You’re not attacking with that Priestess. Book of Eclipse will see to that.”
Reaper and Priestess were both set face down.
“You know I can manually flip them.” She pointed out, switching her Priestess back to attack mode, revealing the powerful spellcaster yet again.
“Time to get rid of her for good!” He flipped his trap card and a large hole with spike’s appeared below Priestess.
“No way, I’ll protect her.” She threw Spellbook of Wisdom which would protect Priestess from traps.
“Come on babe, stop doing this.” He said in a generous tone, revealing his other trap. “Dark bribe negates your spell, but here’s the bright side, you get to draw.”
This duel was way out of Shielsia’s control, things just weren’t going well. Annoyed she drew again, then watched as her Priestess was sucked into the Bottomless trap hole and removed from the game.
She sat up a bit, breasts heaving a sigh. She now realized what he was doing. Stalling with fader, milling with jars; he was attempting to deck her, make her use up all of her cards and win on those terms.
“Since I now know your game, I won’t allow you to make me run out of cards.” She taunted him.
“Better hurry your turn up, or else you won’t gain the extra life points.”
“Pffft, life points a meaningless. Now it’s just a game of decks, not cards.” She looked at her deck, unfortunately she had thinned it out herself by searching a couple of times. “This card will prevent me from losing my deck, Strength of Prophecy!”
Beside her set Reaper of Prophecy Strength flew, her tight grip on the hilt of her axe grew even tighter as her special ability was activated, her attack went up to 2000. “In order to strengthen my monster I had to return a Spellbook card from my grave, back to my deck.” Quite proud of herself, for rebuilding her deck, even if it was just by a little bit.
“Reaper to attack mode.”
Reaper only had 2000 as well. She then went on attack, not very confidently, since she openly admitted life points do not matter, she just wanted to keep his card advantage to a very minimum.
“You might be rebuilding your deck card, by card.” Jack pulled off onto a dirt road and sped up, she followed. “So it’s time I knock you down in bulk.”
Another Morphing Jar, except this one’s effect discarded both players’ hands and forced them to draw five new cards.
Reaper attempted a pity strike at Jack’s 4000 life points, but it failed as he was blocked by another Battle Fader, which ends Shielsia’s battle phase.
“I place two cards face down and end my turn.” She was now setting up more cards that would work perfectly against Jack’s deck thinning tactics.
“Monster reincarnation returns Morphing Jar to my hand.” He then set it face down. “Time for more cards.” He played another Book of Taiyou to flip his Morphing jar yet again.
Bored with this exhausted strategy Shielsia discarded her hand and drew five new cards. Her duel runner was clacking with every little bump in the tough terrain; it felt like it was going to fall apart.
Setting another spell card face down, Jack’s life points reached 4500, more than Shielsia’s monsters combined, until…
“Using Strength I add another card from my grave to my deck and increase her points by another 500. Now since you left Morphing Jar right in attack mode I strike!” She knew he would have some sort of spell or trap, but she didn’t care anymore, this duel was dragging and repetitive.
“I set Morphing jar with Book of Moon!”
Strength struck Jar yet again and both players lost their hands and drew another five new cards. She waits before attacking with Reaper.
They drove for a bit, Jack was wondering what she was doing, then it came. A perfect frost heave!
“Reaper illusion scythe!” With a smirk she had Reaper strike Jack, while he simultaneously hit the frost heave.
The bump of the heave and the impact on his duel runner from the hologram Reaper caused him to sputter out using his brakes a couple times to get him back on course. With this one attack Shielsia managed to do 3500 damage, now utilizing the Turbo duel rules to her own advantage.
“What the ******** was that?!” Jack drew for his turn.
“Don’t take me likely, I know your game and have mastered turbo dueling.” Though still quite green at it, she couldn’t help but boast.
“Right, I throw hand destruction, to discard two cards and draw two. This affects you as well b***h.”
“Name calling huh? Just cause you’re getting schooled.” She discarded and drew two.
“I am the turbo duel king. I reigned supreme at the tracks!”
“Ahem, ‘was’; since it’s now illegal.” She corrected.
“Your done…” With a smirk he noticed she was down to her last card. “I play one day of peace, it forces us both to draw!” He cheered.
Shielsia drew her last card.
“Perfect, we’re almost home too.” Jack continued to smirk. They had gone out the high way and followed the back roads, soon they were coming up upon Maria’s apartment. He set a monster and a trap face down and ended his turn.
“Game!” He announced.
“Not quite, I have a few Hidden Spellbooks.” Which was the trap card she played in his end phase? “It returns two of my spells from my graveyard back to my deck.”
“You bought yourself one turn! Thanks to One day of peace you can’t do damage this turn!”
He was right… Shielsia drew and passed.
“Now it ends. I flip Needle Worm to mill your out and end the duel!”
“I negate with Effect…” She was about to use Effect Veiler, but milling was not the same as drawing. “Ha, you don’t win, not just yet.”
“You’re out of cards, of course I win!” He stopped his motor cycle in front of Maria, who looked really worried.
“Where have you two been!?!?!” She quietly yelled not to annoy her own child.
“Beating this rookie down.” Jack took Crede from her and strapped him in on the back.
Shielsia stopped her motor cycle, oddly enough her holograms of Strength and Reaper of Prophecy still remained. Jack glared at her.
“What the, your monsters…” He then noticed he paid 500 points to stop, so did she, putting both players at 1000.
“Hey Maria, your ex is like a child at this game.” She laughed.
“What’s going on!” Jack demanded to know.
Glaring at him, removing her helmet, no longer feeling it was necessary. “Like I said, it’s not over, until I am unable to draw.”
“Well, make your next move.” He shrugged her off, with no cards in her deck she couldn’t draw, so he carelessly ended his turn.
“Yeah about that, I play Transmigration Prophecy to give two cards back to my deck, just like I did with Hidden Book of Spells last turn, you’re not the only repetitive player here.”
“What?! No way?!” He scowled and then took off, racing away with Crede barely secure, wailing loudly.
Shielsia revved up her bike, but was stopped by Maria. “Wait, you can’t attack him… Crede will be…” Recalling how Shielsia used the frightening Black Rose dragon to destroy the skeleton man.
“Don’t worry, I won’t even need to attack scum like him.” She gave Maria the best hug she could, but he arms felt cold, even her plump bosom against Maria’s small chest didn’t feel very comforting. It was like the hug of a demon.
Then she was off. Maria’s head dipped despairingly.
“Why are you looking so gloom?” The cheerful voice of Cassie sang.
Maria went into Cassie’s arms crying. Everything was out of her control. “It’s not fair… I should be protecting Crede… I should be making his decisions… I can’t stand that girl…”
Cassie let out a squeak, but it was out of vanity, for her designer blouse was getting tears all over it…

Catching up to Jack quickly, back down the dirt road, Jack made sure to use the most dangerous path. His strategy was that obvious.
“So you’re still playing?”
“That’s stupid, one attack and Crede might fall off!” Jack threatened.
“Using your own kid as a shield is stupid and I have no intention of attacking.” Shielsia smirked at him.
“Just give up, this is way too dangerous…” Jack tried to reason with her, it was his son after all.
“You’re the one that should be quitting, I’m going to make you pay. People like you have to be taught a lesson, so I combine Strength and Reaper to xyz summon Magi Magi the magician girl.”
A void of dark matter appeared between Reaper and Strength, the two converged and from that joining out came Magi Magi flying beside Shielsia.
“Now I play her effect and detach Strength of Prophecy and banish Effect Veiller from my hand to take control of your Needle Worm.” Last but not least she played her Spellbook of fate to set Needle and then flipped the slimy little bug. Jack’s last cards were milled from his deck.
“Make your move!” Shielsia demanded him to draw. The wind blowing against her hair, almost knocking her bandana off.
Jack looked at her and seeing as he couldn’t draw, his duel runner began to sputter out of control, locking up, since the duel was over.
Magi Magi winked at Shielsia before disappearing.
Since the duel was over the loser’s duel runner would always shut off, but in this kind of terrain, it was a bit dangerous. Shielsia had to drive up to Jack, reach over his slowing vehicle and grabbed Crede. She parked her own bike and watched Jack crash.
Holding Crede into her amply, large and warm bosom, Shielsia heartlessly stared at the bike wreck Jack was amongst. She turned and on foot went back to Maria’s.

Cassie was doing her best to console Maria, but she didn’t know what to say. She had showed off her ring collection, changed the subject by making jokes. Eventually Maria was a bit calm. She had faith in Shielsia’s dueling ability, but she also knew how dangerous Turbo duel’s were. A soulless monster like Shielsia wouldn’t understand a mother’s love.
“Do you think he’s okay…?” Having Cassie’s opinion meant nothing, she just asked to make herself feel better.
“Of course, I’m sure he’ll be fine, after all Jack’s not that bad of a person… Is he… I mean he like left for a year to go to where, the Bahamas’ after knocking you up, but he’s changed I think…” Cassie just kept talking.
“You’re supposed to be her bestie?” Shielsia walked over, with Crede tightly grasping her bosom. She painfully pulled the kid away, his small hands clasping at her round orbs. “Jeesh he’s a pain.”
Tears flowed down Maria’s cheeks and she took Crede in her arms, holding tightly.
“That was a very irresponsible thing to do! You should have just let Jack take Crede!” Cassie began to lecture Shielsia.
“No way, then he would always take him on the motor cycle, but seeing now as it’s completely destroyed, he won’t be taking Crede on that thing ever again.” She boasted.
Maria lifted her hand to slap Shielsia, but Shielsia slammed her wrist against Maria’s. Then Maria, holding Crede to the side hugged Shielsia and cried against her. Shielsia blinked, returning a hug to the tall over bearing mother.
“I doubted you would even care… Because you have no…”
With a big fake smile she pulled Maria away and looked up into her eyes. “I still know right and wrong, I would never put a child in danger.”
“You totally just did!!!” Cassie squawked. Shielsia just stuck her tongue out at her.
A couple hours later Jack came by in his truck. He looked a bit beat up, with some heat singes on his face. He apologized and took Crede. Shielsia glaring at him the whole time, while he buckled Crede into the car seat.
At last Maria felt thankful for Shielsia. Jack had been put down a few pegs and would hopefully be a bit more reasonable in the future.

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