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Name: Tirac
Gender: Male
Age: Adult. Most likely a 20-37 year old equivalent
Character race: Dark Centaur
Bio: Tirac at one time had a very promising desire and plan to conquer the world and subdue all light by using the rainbow of Darkness to make the night last forever, however his attempts were thwarted by a human girl and now he keeps a low profile because his home and all his empire had been destroyed. He is very resentful about this and often is reminded of his defeat.
Personality: Tirac will kill anyone and anything that angers him. Naturally, he has a very wild and ferocious anger which is easily provoked. Tirac has a very strong hatred for innocence and enjoys seeing it corrupted, especially at his own hand. His greatest hatred is light, in particular; rainbows. Naturally, light is a powerful force against him. Tirac also hates fellow mythic equines and humans, especially children.
Inventory: The only things Tirac owns are his steel shoes, his belt, wrist guards, chest armor and last but not least, the Rainbow of Darkness. A mythical rainbow made of pure evil magic and shadow energy bound to reside within a drawstring satchel. The rainbow has the ability to transform innocent, pure-hearted animals into obedient, satanic monster slaves. Humans can also fall victim to this fate if not careful.