So I might end up dating someone?
One my my sister's friends.
She's a year younger than me.
She's pretty cool actually.
I also really like her Tumblr.
I like how her face doesn't show emotion but she's constantly vocally telling me.
I like it when she smiles however rare it is.
I like how brave she is.
I believe my sister's exact words were, "We'd make a very grawkward couple."
I think she was trying to combine great and awkward.
It made me laugh at the time.
I don't really tell her anything.
I'm not about to make someone else secretly dislike me.
I'm also not really in the mood to get dumped.
Bright side she has difficulty sleeping as well.
Better than nothing I suppose.
Other than this I haven't done much else today...
I beat a game.
I got past a boss.
I ate food.
I watched a movie.
I ate more food.
I lazed around and listened to music with J.C. and Kendrick.
I talked to people.
I blogged.
Not all in that order but that's about it.
Well my mom is going to be out pretty much all day tomorrow.
Maybe I'll invite her over or something.
I don't know really.
Count your f*cking blessings.
Who knows maybe this will come out fine and dandy and I'll finally have a family.
It's never that simple
Can't love more than one person

Could I really just be using her to feel better.
It could be worse.
I could strangle her.
I could mutilate her.
Her sister is the biggest masochist I have ever met.
I could end them both.
Close your eyes pray for plagues.
I sneezed sorry, excuse me.
Where was I?
I can't remember.
You know me, my memory isn't as sharp as it should be.
Oh well...
It probably wasn't important.
I could've just been rambling..
Maybe there's a hidden meaning.
Maybe there isn't.
I wouldn't really know.

“Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives.”