Iv been noticing there are hardly any pictures of a fem Ireland online i'v looked through Google, Photobucket, Yahoo etc but i do notice on Deviant Art but people get her hair color wrong it should be Orange not red shes not Scotish! And her last name iv noticed "O-hara" or something like that. Anybody who is an effing fan of hetalia should know that Ireland's last name is Kirkland since she or he is related to England as well as Wales and Scotland. Seriously guys use your effing heads!



I think it will be very cute if people did more shippings pairing Ireland with one of the other countries with ether drawings or writing a fan-made story. But you all need to remember she or he has orange hair not red hair and the O-hara last name is a nono its Kirkland! Anyways it will be rather cute if people did more pairings with Ireland.



I may be an OOC but i'm still Hetalia if you guys are reading this please don't ignore me even if i'm not real i should at least be treated like i am one of the gang. It's not nice to ignore people remember that guys.



Sorry for all that i have said but i needed to get everything off my chest so i don't hold it in longer i just wanted everyone to know about all of that, i know some of you probably don't care about what i have to say so sorry for wasting your time as you were reading all of this.



"You read through my worthless page give yourselves a pat on the back. If you really read this and want to say anything about what i did and why please PM me with the tittle "What the heck?!" and rate it if you agree with me or disagree with me.