welcome to the future

not much has change except the new technological benefits given to society. some cars still stay on roads, others hover over the road. nano technology being sold in stores. etc. but for the most part everything still seems modern.

but the biggest major cornerstone of this age is creating life. not a clone that takes forever to age just to have some random look, but anything a human mind can think of can be molded in his/her image.

any characteristics or body parts

any age

anything was possible. but this big discovery is kept secret from the world, only known to the few who know the world's darkest secrets.

each sentient being is created and put in the largest city ever built. a city put underground, and used for the sole purpose of storing their creations, their work, and as a place to continue their experiments as the created go about their daily lives.

months have passed since the first successful created being. now the city is filled with many kinds of different people. the only city, and the largest, in the world to store such beings. where some seem completely human, to hybrids, to walking machines and cyborgs.

welcome to the city.