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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Twenty-Seven
Chapter 27

The more Charlie talked to Maya, the more she just wanted to squish his face. He told her all about the school where he taught, which had Maya’s direct attention. Was she simply using Charlie to piss of Richard? Maybe a little bit. But she did enjoy Charlie’s company so it was a double win.

“So what do you do?” Charlie asked, “Besides working here I mean.”

“Oh, I go to school,” Maya said, “My school is actually in the opposite direction from yours.”

“Oh! I know what you’re talking about!” Charlie exclaimed, “There’s this professor that just came to my school. He used to teach at your school I think.”

“Who was he? I might know him,” Maya already had a feeling she knew exactly who Charlie was talking about but she wasn’t going to let Charlie know that.

“His name is Professor Gray I think,” Charlie said, squinting his eyes as he tried to remember Richard’s name. Maya smiled and pulled her phone out of the pocket in her apron and slid it across the table.

“I have to get to work but I definitely wanna talk more later,” Charlie gladly took her phone and put in his information, “We should get together soon.”

“I’d like that very much,” Charlie said. They both slid out of the booth and Charlie put his jacket on with a big grin, “I’d love to show you the school I work at.”

Maya’s eyes lit up and she nodded, clapping her hands, “I would love to see the campus!”

“We’ll do that real soon,” Charlie said, giving her a single nod before walking out of her shop. Maya swung her dishrag around as she strolled back behind the counter and wiped down the counter. Maybe it was wrong using someone as cute as Charlie. But she had to remind herself again that using him to get to Richard was only part of it. The other part was genuine affection. Showing Richard what a huge mistake he had made was just a bonus.

Norman had gone into that bookstore to grab his lunch and get out before he saw Jade. The café at this bookstore really did make really good sandwiches so that’s why he still came to the bookstore for lunch. Sometimes catching a glimpse of Jade was nice but he didn’t want her to see him. He brought his computer with him so if she walked by, he would have a chance to hide behind his computer and she wouldn’t notice him. Halfway through his lunch he did catch sight of Jade. She was reorganizing the books on the bookshelves. A few feet away from her was a strange man staring at her. Jade had her back turned and was oblivious to the fact that she was being watched. Norman closed his laptop and boxed up his sandwich. This had to be the guy that was stalking Jade and had put those pictures up all over campus. This was the guy that had essentially ruined their relationship. Jade walked away and Norman watched the stranger follow her. When the stalker and Jade were out of sight, Norman got up and followed both of them. He remembered what Jade had told him before about how she’d gone into the back and this guy had followed her in and grabbed her. No matter what he had said to her, he still really loved her and wanted to protect her. Even if this guy wasn’t stalking her and just so happened to be going in the same direction, Norman wanted to make sure Jade was safe.

Jade disappeared into the back area and Norman stayed a few feet away in young adult section. He was surrounded by teenage girls flipping through random books about vampires or whatever the craze was these days. He stayed at the end of the aisle and watched the guy. He was in the kid’s section, looking around to see if it was clear to move. A few other employees walked out of that back area and after a few minutes when nothing else happened, the guy started towards the doors. He slowly opened the door and Norman ran towards him. He grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall. He was finally going to get a good look at the asshole who had been terrorizing Jade.

“You’re that David guy…” Jade came outside to investigate the loud thump she’d heard and glared at Norman, “What do you think you’re doing to that poor guy?!”

Norman let go of David’s collar and he ran off before Jade could get a look at him. Norman pointed in the direction David had run and frantically said, “David was the one who had been stalking you! He chased you through the campus and he was the one getting those pictures of us!”

Jade crossed her arms and shook her head, “You’re crazy. David wouldn’t do that to me. He’s my friend. Don’t try to ruin my friendship because you’re pissed off!”

“You think I’m saying this to piss you off?” Norman said, “That guy that came to our door! Remember he said that when you broke things off with David, he was unreachable and seemed to be taking the break up hard?”

“He may have taken it hard but he wouldn’t have taken the time to do that to me,” Jade grumbled, “He didn’t do it to me when I ended our relationship in the ninth grade and he isn’t doing it now. You’re just saying that.”

Norman grabbed Jade by the arms and gently shook her, “Do you even hear yourself right now?! Listen to me Jade! Listen to my words! I saw his face just now and it was David I was looking at! Why won’t you believe me?!”

Jade pushed Norman away and took a step back, “Don’t touch me! You’re wrong! David wouldn’t do that to me! Just leave me alone!”

She ran back into the back room and Norman would’ve followed her but he’d already made her nervous by grabbing her. He shouldn’t have grabbed her but he needed to get the point across. Even grabbing her and shaking her didn’t seem to make her listen to him.

Tom came into his classroom and went straight to his office, happily sipping his coffee. His first class didn’t start for awhile so he could just sit in his office in peace. He put on a little background music and sat down at his chair, seeing a medium sized framed drawing laying on his desk in front of him. It was a silhouette standing in the middle of the city and everything around this figure was completely blurry and smudged. The silhouette was the only thing that was in focus. Tom lifted it and held it up to the light. When he took it off the table, he noticed an envelope had been sitting underneath it with his name written in Audrey’s handwriting. He leaned the drawing against his bookshelf and opened the envelope. For Tom, the only thing in my life that is perfectly clear.

Audrey’s breakfast rolled around in her stomach and she eventually had to throw away the hot chocolate she was drinking before she threw up. She was so nervous after giving Tom that drawing. She was wondering what his reaction was going to be. At first she’d been excited for it but what if it made Tom angry? What if someone else for some reason walked into his office and saw it and got him into trouble? So many different questions raced through her mind but it was too late to run in there and grab the picture. She was just going to have to wait it out. Or she could just avoid Tom.

She could see Tom running towards her a few feet away, waving his arm over his head to get her attention. She had chosen to avoid him as long as possible so she kept walking, ignoring his calls, “Audrey! Audrey wait up!”

Audrey continued walking, keeping her eyes straight ahead. Tom was faster than her though and managed to catch up to her, grabbing her arm, “Audrey! Didn’t you hear me?”

“Um, no!” Audrey answered with a grin and Tom dragged her away. No matter how many times she told him to let go, he didn’t until they were inside his classroom. She even tried to walk out but he was blocking the door with his body.

“I wanted to talk to you about the present you left me,” he said. He went into his office and came back out with it, holding it up for her to see, “This was the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me Audrey.”

Audrey’s cheeks burned and she covered them so he wouldn’t see her turn red, “Well it just came to me and…I wanted to, ya know fix what we had. I didn’t want you to be mad at me anymore and-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Tom grabbed her shoulders and yanked her closer to him and pressed their lips together. Audrey hadn’t felt his kiss in so long she’d almost forgotten what his lips had felt like. He broke the kiss and gave her extra kisses on her cheek and smiled, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her, “I’m not mad Audrey. I could never stay mad at you.”

Ah dear sweet Jesus Audrey's part is so cheesy it makes me want to crawl into my shame hole and never come out. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE AUDREY'S LIFE IS SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS AGAIN hahaha. Goddammit Audrey hahahaha!
And Jade is still a b*tch hahaha
And Maya...well Maya gets an adorable Biology professor.
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