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Not A Daily Journal - Legacy
[Insert old rock music here] I s2g.. this damn description.. can never think what to write here
Life (A story about me)
Have I done this before, were I just ranted on my life? I'm honestly not sure. I just feel the need write now to record my life on pixels on your screen in front of your eyes.
Born March 25th, 1998 in North Royalton Hospital, Cleveland, I was the first child of parents. When I was a baby I would cry all the time. Why my parents had more kids I really dont know after what they had to deal with about me. My mom told me when I was a baby I'd cry all the time in cars; now I know I was really just motion sick.
I grew up in North Royalton neighborhood outside of Cleveland. At 2 years and a half my sister Alena was born, on November 2nd, 2000. As my mom has said, we were the best sisters ever. Life was good. On September 28th, 2002 my brother Adler was born and we had to move to a larger house. We decided to move to Pickerington, Columbus, right across the street from the cousins. My mom always says that the worse decision she ever made. If you dont know, my aunt Vicky can (and was very much so when I was young) a b***h.
I went to preschool at Little Tigers. My best friend was a boy across the yard from me. I used to go over all the time to hang out with his family. I guess I've always just been friends with boys since the beginning.
When I was entering kindergarten in 2004 (I think), we moved to Strongsville. I met my friends Kyra, Alex (her older brother with ADHD), and Christopher. We had fun times together; Christopher's family was very religious while Kyra and Alex were more or less free-roamers. Recently I just saw Kyra again for the first time in 5 years at the carnival, she looked so different with her hair cut short!
Around first grade I met my friend Aeolina. Aeolina had a creek in her backyard, and I'd sleep over her house every weekend. We'd play and have fun. Some of her obsessions (I got dragged into) were Zach Bell and Shark Boy and Lava Girl. In 2nd grade they moved to an apartment without her father. I still went and hung out almost every weekend.
Two days before third grade started, Aeolina took me over to Patrick's house. Patrick was her neighbor, sharing the same creek with their yard. I became fast friends with Patrick. On the first day of school we already were sitting and talking at the same table together.
In the middle of third grade, Aeolina and her mom picked up and left. They left everything behind, not even bothering to tell us that they were leaving. So then it was just me and Patrick. At recess on the blacktop we played pokemon, pretending to have pokemon teams and battles. I never actually went to Patrick's house until the end of third grade. Aeolina leaving cause me and Patrick to become best friends.
As fourth grade rolled around, I was constantly doing open houses to sell our house. On my birthday, March 25th, 2008, our house was officially sold. I was scared, "what would people be like down south?" I wondered. It doesn't help to add that, 2008 was the worst summer of my life. We had to leave April 25th, and school was still going on. It took us 30 minutes to drive to school everyday from Oma's Parma house.
When school was finally out, my parents were finally done fixing our North Royalton house, the one I lived in as a baby. Our renters had totally trashed it (I'd rather not get into that), and my parents had been working on renovating the whole house for us to stay in for the summer. Alot of reasons that summer sucked. First of all, I was trapped inside a small, single floor house with my whole family. I had to sleep on the couch because I did not have a room (Adler never slept in his room, he always slept with Lanie in her double bed. I couldn't sleep in his small bed - having no place else to go, I made the couch my room).
Another terrible reason that summer sucked was I was isolated from everyone I used to know. They lived 30 minutes away in Strongsville. To add to that, that was the days before Facebook and stuff - I had no way to talk to my friends. We also only had one laptop that I had to share with my siblings. Even though Adler was only 5, he still played computer as well as an adult.
When school rolled around, we were still living in North Royalton. The house wouldn't be done for another month! My mom resorted [attempting] to homeschool us. In the end it failed - we didn't keep up with lessons at all. I do credit the fact that homeschooling actually made me into the person I am today - a math geek. Without those constant math drills everyday, I would have never grasped math (I was really bad at math before..).
Finally, on September 28th, 2008, we moved to Florida. Does the story stop there? LOL NO. This is when life became hectic. I still say to this day, 4th - 6th grade was the worst time of my life. As fifth grade starts, I credit this as the second part of my life - Florida.
Everything was new. I had no idea what Southern costumes were. The heat was horrible, and to make it worse - my classroom was in a portable. I think I'm going to leave the Tayler Kellenburger story out for this rant - just know she was a mean girl who I used to hang out with and eventually dumped years later. Fifth grade sucked really bad - I like to pretend it never happened.
Then sixth grade started. Oh sixth grade. The time two people came into my life and made it crazy - Paxton and Brian. That was also around the time I started updating my journal everyday. Dont go look at those entry's there s**t... My life was controlled by Roblox and something called "Camp Half Blood". Just saying the name makes me want to cry. I met Paxton doing a so called "mission" for that "camp", and he introduced me to Brian later. It was the four of us - me, Brian, Paxton, and Patrick - and some other friends like Chris (Abom) and Silver. I met Abomination after me and Patrick cheated on a game, and I dont remember how I met Silver - something to do with the camp. I also used to know Paxton's cousin Revelle.
Sounds fun right? At the time yes - looking back on it, no. Life was controlled but the role play. There was constant drama - paranoia for missing out on experiences - and trust issues. It's like what alot of people go threw in highschool that shape them to become better adults.
Me, myself - I was crazy. It was like having the 8th grade syndrome from Chyuubiyo. I acted like a b***h - driving my friends insane with games. I also had different "acts", for awhile I was a vampire from Twilight. Mostly it was just horrible.
Brian left for a few months for awhile. I used to message him alot, but he never replied. He came back one day being like "whats up". Me and Paxton almost hugged him - then killed him. Oh another reason for paranoia was I was "dating" Paxton. We dont talk about that. I've also yet to tell Caitlin so I hope she doesn't read this...
How did we escape from this cruel world of games and paranoia? We left Roblox. That didn't really help - we just took it, and moved it to Gaia. Ah yes - the time I would play ZOMG everyday with my friends. The time I got really mad at them for getting all rank 10 orbs and leaving me behind.
After that life became better - 7th grade was amazing. I met Kathryn and Gabi, had Ms. Redling, and had a great year. Eighth grade was amazing as well - from water fights at Lunch too Algebra 1 pencil throwing, chair removing, and note passing fun. I don't think I need to really go in depth from 7th to 9th, because there all in my journal. I was really good with posting back then, some of the entry's are really interesting!
Now - now - I'm a tenth grader. Do I have my permit? No. My fault? Yes. Do I care? No. School is going well - I'm not failing anymore, I can maintain my grades well so far. Im in Video Game club, Anime Club, and soon Business Leaders of America. For now life is good and I should really be studying for Chinese (story of my life, literally).
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have I done this before? I may have. This version probably had alot more detail then others. As for periods in my life go: Baby - Third grade, beginning age; Fourth - Six grade, dark/hell age; Seventh - Present, teenage years. I honestly haven't thought to much about what happens when I go to college - will I still talk to my friends? I dont know. Will I ever meet Paxton and Brian in real life? Maybe, possibly. As I said before - I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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