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Meditative analysis of the Fallibility of Humanity, Act: III
Where I reinforce my apparent apathy with irreverent, unexplained sarcasm, a maze of near-unintelligible adverbs and adjectives, and a plethora of irrelevance, animosity, and complete disregard for any readers' sanity, self-esteem, or will to live.
on the dotted line
The only other social site I share my mental STDs with is F-book.

All other Intarwebz is gaming.

And would prefer that it stay that way.

....okay, so maybe cheezburger bombs my browser-history now and then, but that about dams it. Like an opinionated beaver.

I really do need a cat. I do not need advertising. OTHER people need advertising, and I fully intending on giving it to them (in more ways than one) in the future...as soon as I iron out some ethical knotholes.

Why would I get behind advertising? I likely do not want to be in front of it.

Ads are 2-dimensional, and I have a certain biological problem with being flattened into a LOOKITME billboard.

It's haunted my nightmares ever since Lara Croft flashed her sweaty baby-top t-shirt on the billboard just across the street from my elementary school.

So really. Thanks for making all my dreams come true.

It's hard to be in the shadow of something when you're being used to help create that shadow. Just leave it well enough alone.

I'm a consumer because this is human society, and I was born into the heart of it. With a severe congenital defect.

Which is why NBK is such bullshit. Human society's much better at dealing with natural aspect of individuality than they let on. It's the fringes of civilization that bleed this problem.

It's also BS because all human beings are born fundamentally stupid. I mean, some of us can't even change a lightbulb by ourselves. What's up with that?

Our biology, psychology, and lifestyles have evolved to...well, if not coeexist with one another, then at least find it ultimately necessary to seek out and rely on other members of our species.

As someone who finds herself more disinclined to recognize this survival adaptation within herself (never said I wasn't just as stupid, haha),

Society, civilization, mass whatever the fck you call the Internet, was not so much made for humanity as humanity was and is being made for it.

We create the natural universe, nature is as dissimilar to human society as I am to any other relatively sane idiot out there.

Mind, humanity kinda takes the entirety of the natural world and clusters it into one species (perhaps ******** is a good term? maybe not, ok. lol).

We're the only species to take our place in the ecosystem and make it into a replica of the overall ecosystem.

It's like earth has a metaphorical mini-me. Like Army Ants, we form a little midget-planet with our bodies, at which the moon giggles madly as it swings by.

I'm sorry, but the mental image is too damn funny to not take it disturbingly out of context. Whee~ wahmbulance

Rinn Lothron
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