So, Hi. I've never posted in here because I've never had a situation worth sharing. But I want to give a little story and I would really appreciate some advise.

I've been struggling with school for a while. I mean, school just started but not school itself just stuff to do with school. Okay, this is what I mean. I've never been outgoing unless I'm comfortable with the people who are around me (ex: freinds, family). I've been feeling super lonely lately. It doesn't help that everyone around me has love intrests and I've been single for a while now. Even my love intrest has someone they like. My best friend is going to homecoming with her crush. I don't want to go to homecoming because first off I feel very uncomfortable dancing around people from my school, and second off I don't have a date. Not that having a date is a must have for me, but I don't want to be COMPLETLEY alone. I just don't feel very connected with my freinds. I feel...very lonely. If you have advise that'd be amazing. Talk to you whenever