Just as the light!
begins to fade to dark.

The moaning
winds, sing songs to my Forebodings.

Am I alone?
With no one watching on.

If I do fall, will no one come to
save me.

These are lyrics that I placed in a non-prose format, I don't know, something about Joelle's voice as she sings these lines touch me even though the rest of the song is just alright.

I'm alright by the way, just pondering on, in-case you're wondering. I haven't really been able to see him, I don't get to dream as much. I wonder if the times where we do meet up in my dreams; does he dream at that moment too? What if our dreams were connected, and he isn't just a figment of my imagination? What if he's real? What if he believes that I'm a figment of his imagination?

Maybe we're intertwined, I can feel it. Maybe we're connected but we can't see it because we deny our desires to win. What if we live inter-parallel lives just unable to see each other. Except when we both dream and let our consciousness connect.

I'm losing it hah!