A lot of things have happened in the past two months. I'm starting to worry about how everything is going to work out.

My work is still a 100% screwing not only me; but literally every causal that works there. 5 people are being transferred and will be leaving my store by the beginning of next week. Now here comes one of the really messed up parts. It was brought to my attention by one of the transfers that 4 out of the 5 are of colour, since I don't see people based on the colour of their skin I would have never thought there was any sort of racism intent until now only because I was made aware of it. This angers me a lot since our country is about diversity, I'm not naive, I realize that racism still goes on, but I didn't think that it was happening in my store/company or even right infront of me. Through all of high school I stood against people who were bullies, and racist. When I heard the news about all the transfers I thought nothing of it due to this seems to happen a lot lately in my store. But what is REALLY going on is since our new store will be opening soon, they are trying to make it so our store is only white. How messed up is that? There is talk that the last coloured people of my store will be getting transferred soon as well, if that happens, I seriously don't know what I'll do. They are my closest friends, and I'm already at the edge of quitting. There is enough sexism that goes on there, nevermind this crap. Working at this company has made me question every decision I've made in life.

Then I have the second thing, Mitch wants me to move out to Alberta with him, and I haven't thought about it yet, still trying to figure out things one day at a time. He believes I already have my mind made up, but unlike him I am indecisive, and there are things I seriously need to take in consideration before I just leap into the unknown. He constantly said he would marry me, and wanted to marry me, and I'm not ready for any of that. Nor should I be? I mean we've been together for a year. And though he devotes every day to me, I still believe he needs time to himself, he needs to spend time with family and friends, and not worry about me every single second of his life. I may or may not visit him in october for his parents wedding, thanksgiving, my birthday, and his graduation, but this may not happen due to time off from the boss.

Anyways, stressed. Night.