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Jacob's Blog Hello (: Just a guy posting about his gaylife.

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Writers !!!
Hi, so just thought i'd finally acknowledge the other four writers in this project and explain what the project is since our sub-fictions are coming to an end and we'll be moving on to the big fiction really soon.

Project "Bleachfic"

Not an official thing, but basically our name we use to make it sound like something to consider to ourselves. Kind of like an inside joke, it's something only your friends understand.

The idea is to have a group of people cooperate and work together to write a fan-fiction together. Seeing it would be really different, having six fans of Bleach get to know each other and try to write when we all have different ideas, we saw it would be a fun experience to meet new people and agree with each other's ideas and interests. We all like Bleach. We're all experimenting a different kind of social level.

The goal is to start a trend, hopefully catching someone's attention, giving them inspiration to do a group fan-fiction. Because this is a difficult project, and seeing that our devotion to it might inspire someone, keeps us motivated. (:


M - You know her. If you don't: She founded the whole idea, is co-leading the plot, organization, project, hobby, and making it fun for the rest of the group to do, rather than make it a thing we have to do.

Kyler - I haven't talked about him. But M and him met and said that this idea would be super cool to establish and do together. He designed the plot, and is keeping our story as close to canon as possible. He also works on trying to make the story agreeable for everyone, so that we all like the story and it has all of our ideas put into one fiction.


Ellie - A close friend of mine, she really likes Bleach, and has been writing on her own, not really publishing anything though. She has other favorite anime, and is heavily influenced by Durarara and A Kite, favoriting settings in dirty, crowded cities (which explains Vague's setting). Also, she is a bloody fan in action and drama, focusing on a lot of action scenes and dramatic (mostly romantic drama) stuff.

Ben - He is the writer behind our main character, our protagonist. A very confident, canon-loving person, always wanting to finish an anime and has got too much spoilers in his mental books. Admitting he isn't the most experienced writer, and has created too many Gary Stues, he is very interested in this project, seeing it would be something to boost his social skills. I think he's the most positive nerd I know, and gives me spoilers for One Piece so that's why I love him xD

Sammie - She prefers manga more than anything, and writes a lot of one-shot fictions between canon characters. Isn't the one to make an OC, but I've seen her make a pretty amazing (amazing meaning believable and human) OC. Although, she is deciding to take on a more sassy character, which is out of her comfort zone, since she is a very casual person. Very humorous, this girl goes to school with me, and I swear to god she keeps a poker face on for her life. So taking on a sassy character does explain that she is going to exaggerate it, which is good n.n

Jacob - Mwah, I don't post any fan-fiction anymore, I deleted everything in my records. I want to start off fresh with this new one, I believe it would give me a better reputation. After that, I'll be posting more stuff. But you know me. I write a little more darker, putting in a lot of cursing and tragedy. So all the sad parts are all my work.


Please read it. Lol. emotion_bigheart

Expect it November-December ish. (:

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