Some people think that just because your partner is in the arm forces that you are rich, that you got money and that you live a fat healty life...

But all these people are wrong...

Army life is anything but that. Army life is one full of sacrifices and hard choices. Army life is actually trusting your partner enougth to be far away from him/ or her for the longest time. Army is mutal respect and understanding

Army life is spending birthdays, aniversaries, Christmas, new years and other festivities alone.

Army life makes no place your home...since you move around a lot

Army is not making plans ahead that can't be cancelled by work.

But army life is not completely bad

You learn to treasure the people that is important in your life and live with them day by day cause you dont know what tomorrow will bring your way.You learn to keep you friends close no matter the distance, and push people away that dont desersve to be in your life at all.

Army life is keeping with you want is important, and spending money wisely on that wich you need, and not on that wich you crave.

Army life is keeping your partner close and spending time with him/her when they are home, insted of living on the same roof like you where strangers

Army is not what you do for your country, more life realizing what that person is doing for their family

Army life is not only a choice but a way of living. It's hard but not impossible.

So for all those that live that kind of life, i admire you, cause not everyone signs in to this lifestyle the moment they aprtners decide to follow their dreams.

Keep strong and keep moving on ....