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Dedications to the People I love
Amy (Svari)
I will forever be your garlic bread to your pizza ♥ You've always been there to talk to when I had something on my mind - you didn't judge me - rather laughed at me. You're silliness and the way you copy me in any way possible never stops to anger me a little inside, and yet make me laugh my butt off. You're amazing and I want to visit your homeland when I get the chance (& I will bring Larry with me hahaa)

Calabrese/Hellraiser (Lora)
Girl you're so crazy ; nevertheless, I still love you and your perverted ways. Your voice makes me giggle inside every time - so squeaky Miss Snow White/Betty Boop xD We've had our moments of serious talk - and our moments of pure random sexyness in towns. ( Oh yes bby! X3 - let's have a threesome with Amy hurr hurr ). You will forever be a great friend of mine and I will no doubt keep in touch with you ♥

Grobanish (Meg)
GURL We are too much alike! You live only 2 hours away from me and yet we still haven't met - what's wrong with us?! Dear lord lol I love our moments when we talk about our childhood and what we watched, listened to, read, etc. It makes me feel all warm inside knowing that there's another person that loves the same stuff I do - and yet doesn't want to grow up yet /cries. We are kindred spirits - there's no doubt about that ♥♥♥

Clasela (Mina)
You're a sweetheart and I love you for that. We are able to hold deep conversations and talk just about anything - from books to movies, shows, life in general, fashion, the list could go on. I am happy that I met you and appreciate you very much. You have helped me before when I needed a friend and that means a lot to me. Thank you for always being there (Even though life has been busy for the both of us lately sweatdrop ) I love you ♥

Prince Takun (Joseh)
I know that it has been a while since last we talked - but I have missed you dearly. You've always been a great friend ; and I still feel that same closeness we had before. Pure friendship. I trust you with so much and I feel that we have a great connection - even if we don't speak often anymore. You've helped me to open up and become the person that I am today - myself. I was scared about being myself for a period of time - but you accepted for who I was and I became my best friend. I am happy I had you around ; you even introduced me to the man I am currently in love with. I didn't expect that, but it happened. Thank you for all that you've done - you are a wonderful person. ♥♥♥ (P.s. : If Larry & I end up getting married, you're totally going to be invited ♥)

Willow Howelle (Willow lol)
You're the cutest person ever! I want to ruffle that hair of yours so much! >w< You have an amazing talent ; don't you dare ever put yourself down thinking your work isn't the best, because I think it is. "Believe in me who believes in you" lol . Your heart is pure and wonderful, and you have shown me something the other day that I cannot forget, " Not to ever give up and chase your dreams - even if they are silly." It means a lot to me that you care - and I wish you the best for you and your future. I do hope you get to see your lover again soon, and start your "And they lived happy ever after" with them ♥

Souljura (Larry)
My darling ; My prince charming ; My everything. I never thought I would fall for someone from the internet ; and yet we did it. The first time I met you on cam, I thought you were the cutest guy ever and wanted to pinch your cheeks (I'm horrible I know). Through all of the months skyping, we both got the courage to meet in person - and I fell even deeper in love with you. Spending that week together made my heart soar, and I felt like the happiest girl on the planet to be by your side. I remember when we first met, it was 5-6 years ago when Joseh introduced you to me in towns, and I thought you were a major goof ball - but a kind person. Now, I see you as a Intelligent, Handsome, Honest, Honorable, Humorous, Considerate, Wonderful Man and I am happy to have you as my boyfriend. I love you with all of my heart - My Sexy Duck ♥

I will add more dedications later - just having a brain fart now emotion_facepalm

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