This Journal Entry is gonna be weird because I'm listening to a podcast about space, The Dark Side Of The Earth. Its talking about darkness, kinda scary actually, yet thrilling. He's talking about how he's on space and its basically nighttime. "You don't see the earth ... when you look at it it's basically an absence of stars."

I don't think I can write about the looking forward campaign, because I'm so disoriented. And you my journal, are my only friend I have with me. So alone, so empty, so dark... Yet I have to move forward, looking forward. As they all coalesce into one to being, into me. The campaign is about me, to strive forward in the future, to discover the past mistakes that I have locked out, and to do something right at least. I will never forget them. This whole journal is suppose to be like a plan, a Buisness plan of how I'd do it. But the Disorientation of early morning, it's hard to explain.

Never forget:
- Digi
- Susan
- Butterz
- Noelle
- Abbi
- Zack
- Andy
- Star
- Matt