alright, so here i am, stuck in the same hole...

there were so many emotions running through my head.
a] why did this little s**t pick to watch a show over talking to me
b] why cant i find someone who actually loves me
c] i should stop focussing on my relationship issues and focus on school
d] i have a quiz to study for
e] IM SO ******** LONELY

i was walking home with tears in my eyes
someone i loved doesnt even want to talk to me.
i feel like i deserve someone who loves me but god isnt letting me have that
and i need to know why...why do i have to keep holding out for my other half when its killing me inside.
why cant i find someone who chooses me over everything else

i feel like there is a girl in my heart screaming at the world "someone love me"
when all i get are blank stares stares that are looking straight past the windows into my soul and leaving me that desolate place

i have so many ******** friends but not one person who would even consider me to share their heart with

i have such a big heart, i love people so much, and i get nothing in return and it ******** sucks. i think i deserve so much more

well i guess there is only 1 solution...

flirt with all the guys online