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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Twenty-Four
Chapter 24

Jade headed over to David’s apartment like he’d asked her to. His front door was already opened so she just walked in. He was sitting on his couch, unaware that she had walked in. He was looking at some papers, whispering to himself and he didn’t look too happy. If it had been Norman sitting there unaware of her presence, she would’ve taken that opportunity to scare the holy hell out of him. But she noticed how angry David looked and she had a feeling scaring him would just make it worse. She kept her distance when she said to him, “David? The door was open so I just let myself in.”

David still jumped at the sudden break of silence and he put his papers face down on his coffee table, “Hi! I wasn’t expecting you to get here so soon. I was just looking over some stuff.”

“What stuff?” Jade reached for the papers but he quickly took them off the table, folded them and tucked them into his pocket, “Just stuff. No big deal.”

Jade raised an eyebrow as she slowly sat down on the couch next to him, “Ok then. So what do you wanna do today? Maybe we could go see a movie.”

“Whatever you want,” David said, watching Jade take out her phone to look at showtime listings, “I’m just happy to be able to hang out with you again, just us.”

“We hang out just us all the time,” Jade replied, slowly putting down her phone.

“We do now,” David argued, “But back then I couldn’t get you alone because of Maya and Audrey.”

“Well I couldn’t get you alone either!” Jade snapped, “You were with your band all the time and the only one I ever liked was Allen.”

“They were members of my band. Maya and Audrey were just…whatever,” he said. Jade dropped her phone into her purse, chuckling disbelievingly as she stood up, “Wow David. Thanks. Thanks for making my friends look like nothing. Maybe they were right about this friendship not working.”

As she walked out the door, David stood up and pointed at her, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Don’t you walk away from me!”

Jade whipped her body around and stared at him with wide eyes. Jade had never known him to be an angry guy. She wasn’t used to this kind of rage. She took a step farther away from him and he took a step forward, lowering his voice, “I’m sorry Jade. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.”

She wasn’t about to stick around for this. She turned and ran out of David’s apartment. She didn’t actually stop running until she had gone down two flights of stairs down to the parking lot where her car was. She looked everywhere as she started her car, driving off as fast as she could. But David never did follow her down. He sat back down on his couch, picking up that piece of paper Jade had seen him looking at earlier.

“If only you understood,” he mumbled.

Maya hadn’t seen Richard since she confronted him and ended their relationship. It was difficult to move on at first. But with the new job at her favorite coffee shop and the beginning of finals, she became easily distracted. When she wasn’t working, she was studying for finals with Jade or Audrey. Once finals were over and the second semester began, she had nearly forgotten about Richard and had gotten used to Professor Speltzer. She was feeling really good about this semester. She had all new classes with new professors. She had to say, she was pretty damn excited. Maya sat down to look over her new schedule to figure out where everything was. It was a lot easier since she knew where everything was now. Suddenly a body was thrown on top of her and arms were wrapped around her, preventing her from punching the douchebag who had tackled her, “Get the ******** off of me a*****e!”

“It’s me!” the douchebag let go of her and sat down next to her. The douchebag was actually Frank. Maya hadn’t actually seen Frank in a long time and she really did miss the guy. She had been needing someone to talk to lately, “Frank holy s**t! What are you doing here?”

Frank took his backpack off and tossed it onto the table, “I decided to enroll! After I kicked Vivian and Gerard out of my life, I felt like something was kind of missing. So I decided to go to college!”

“Frank that’s amazing!” Maya exclaimed, hugging Frank tightly. Frank hugged her back with everything he had and then let go of her, “So whatever happened with you and that Damien guy?”

Even though Maya knew that Frank had no idea, she was still annoyed with Frank for asking. She had just forgotten about it and now Richard was running through her head and she started remembering everything. She had realized that she missed his smile, his blue eyes, the way his mustache tickled her when he kissed her cheek, and the way that soothing voice of his whispered sweet nothings into her ear whenever they spent the night together. She’d always fall asleep to him telling her how special she was and how much she meant to him. Maya didn’t want to remember all of those things.

“It didn’t work out between us,” she mumbled, her voice shaking a little, “He uh, decided we should end our relationship.”

“That’s horrible,” Frank said, patting her slumped shoulders, “Well it’s his loss. You’re gonna find someone better than him one day.”

Maya found that hard to believe. She knew she was young and the idea of “the one” was crazy, but she really did think he was going to be the one person she’d end up with. In her head, they could work through those four years. But Richard couldn’t make it. Now that he was back in her mind, she was fighting the urge to cry. She’d been emotionally numb for the days following the break up but she had finally managed to smile and be happy again. But now she was putting all of her energy in fighting back tears. She was about to grab her bag and leave so Frank wouldn’t see her lose it. Frank put his hand over hers before she could even reach for her bag, “After class I have a little break before I go to my next one. Do you wanna go to that coffee shop you love so much? It’d be good to kind of clear your head.”

Maya smiled and nodded, wiping away the tears that had welled up in her eyes, “Yeah, I’d really like that. I actually started working there so it’s on me. Employee discount ya know.”

Audrey was waiting anxiously for the end of the month so the contest would officially begin. She should’ve waited until the end of the month to enter her piece that way she wouldn’t be waiting for so long. She wanted to tell Tom about it but she hadn’t found the time and then she had a whole new schedule and wouldn’t be seeing him every day. She was walking with Jade across campus with hot chocolate in their hands. She had to tell someone and she couldn’t find Maya. She wanted to tell both her friends at the same time but Maya had been difficult to find lately.

“So you have the chance to go to London for the summer as an intern?” Jade said, “And if they like you enough, you’ll get to study there?”

“Yeah!” Audrey exclaimed with excitement, “Isn’t that amazing?”

“My question is, why didn’t you enter the first contest which would guarantee a scholarship?” Jade inquired. Audrey had explained everything to Jade except for her relationship with Tom.

“Well, I was hesitant because I have you and Maya here and stuff,” Audrey replied, “I won’t know anyone there. But I’ve gotten over it now. I realized I was an idiot.”

“If I had the opportunity to go to a place like New York, I’d leave in a heartbeat,” Jade said with a laugh, “I love all of you but that’s an amazing career opportunity.”

“Well if I win this I’m gonna work my a** off to get that scholarship,” Audrey said, “I’m not making the same mistake twice.”

“Good,” Jade wrapped her arm around her friend’s shoulder and sipped her hot chocolate, “Because you know if you did that again, Maya and I would probably kick your a** for not grabbing onto that opportunity with both hands, right?”

Holy mother of Jesus I've returned! I took a little break because for one thing, I was posting chapters every single day and I wanted to stop for a couple days so I wouldn't get bored and stop forever. It's also because I got stuck on the beginning of this chapter and needed some time to figure out what the hell I was gonna do haha. Audrey is another filler because she just does that to me all the damn time. Hopefully the next one won't be a filler...but...we know me. I'm not talented. And every time someone mentions New York, somehow writing ends up being thrown out there so that's why Jade says that. If I'm wrong about that...well...who cares? LOL and Frank has made his return OMGGGGGG haha. I kinda like Frank, so I brought him back. Anyways, I've typed out a mouthful so I'm gonna split. BYE NOW


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