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Octavia's Art Gallery
Something I do when not "fiddling" with my cello *lets out a small giggle* ...fiddle
Headcannon updated (9/16)
Full Name : Octavia Melody Philharmonica

Friends : Lyra, Vinyl Scratch, Rarity, Twilight, Fancy Pants, Beauty Brass, Frederic Horseshoepin

Traits & Personality: impatient, logical minded but very expressive when she does show emotion (making a lot of dramatic moments), old style values when it comes to morals and such, will do what is necessary for friends and to uphold her values, strong sense of etiquette

Family: single child
Father: Rodrigo Baroque - Unicorn~
stern and rather serious, only moments when he was seen so happy was the early times with his wife and while playing his double bass with filly Octavia. Has a build like fancy pants, very short gray mane with a brown coat and dark red eyes; and a voice to match the instrument he so plays.
Mark - dbl bass with bow behind it and noise waves emitting from the bass

Mother: Serene Cavatina / "Tina" - Earth~
very loving and upbeat; due to Octavia being an only child, she tends to be clingy toward Tavi, and calls her "Octy" even though Octavia hates it. She loves her family with all her heart and is very polite to others. Her voice is her talent, being something of beauty, she is a great singer who's pitch compliments her husbands bass. She is built much like the spa ponies with eyes similar to fluttershy's. Her ice blue mane, long and similar to Tavi's, is contrasted to her grey coat and jade eyes. Mark - 2 bass clefts reflecting each other to form a heart
*family subject to change(not really just coloration xD )*

Cutie Mark Chronicle: given her cello on heartwarming day, she loved playing it. She practiced diligently for days. After time passed, she finally put together and played a piece of her very own as a filly. Finding a way to truly express herself, she was rewarded with a family moved by her piece, and her mark. (not too creative i know )

History: Born in Ponyville where she spent only a few years. She met and spent a good portion of her time with Vinyl. Her mother got a job in Canterlot and they soon moved away. As a parting gift, Tavi was given a music box from Vinyl as a way to remember her. Time passed by, after many years later, Octavia gets the chance to finally prove herself as a great cellist by entering the Royal Canterlot Symphony..she fails succeeds. She now lives on her own in Canterlot with failures and successes alike in her career. For the most part, she spends her days at home, reminiscing about the past and her success today. However, the stress of her success slowly eats at her. She must continue on..still feeling unfulfilled, feeling like something is missing..angering and depressing herself trying to figure out what..she has success, she has friends, she has fame..what else would she want?
( i see her as a dramatic character *shrugs* )

Relationship : (kind of an unstable subject, but most would probably want to know sweatdrop ) As of now, nothing is planned

**if you have any specific questions, be sure to ask by leaving a comment or pming me

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Kyle Huntsman
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Sep 28, 2013 @ 04:58am
Very Awesome Work!
Keep it up- It's astonishing so far!

commentCommented on: Sat Sep 28, 2013 @ 08:10am
that's the character base/ background. i wont be adding anything more, just through RP now. This journal serves as a beginning point

Community Member
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