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Phoebe's Journal

Phoebe Majere
Community Member
Stuff from my journal (story ideas)
Robin Hood
In the days of Robin Hood (medieval times, I guess?), there grew a large tree. Its' branches were thick and extended greatly, it's trunk was large, thick and sturdy. During the time, someone accidentally unleashed the tree's unholy power onto the world and had never been defeated. It is 2008 now (maybe?) and the twelve beings that were unleashed are roaming openly in England. Four people have learnt of the tree and it's evil, and thrust upon themselves the burden of ridding the demons. They decide to start at the tree, where they find scrolls of paper stuffed into the tree. Upon investigating they find that there are riddles on the paper, which they suppose will help them defeat the demons. Or in this case, collect them.
*1 cat
*2 falcon
*3 gryphon
*4 minotaur
*5 nymph
*6 dragon
*7 mannequin
*8 fairy
*9 goblin
*10 angel
*11 pegasus
*12 unicorn
Or something along the sort. Need riddles for each creature....

Forbidden Love
A love between an elven knight and an elven princess. The knight sends letters to the princess expressing everything during his time at the war and about her. But their love is not allowed, for royalty must marry royalty, and when the war is over, the knight comes home to be arrested for treason because the king found out about their love (what an awful run on sentence!). The knight is killed after the princess tells him she's pregnant with their child (the King actually does kill him). She dies in child birth, and the king has the child sent out of the kingdom; he doesn't want to remember the dishonor his daughter befell him.

Part two: description of the princess' daughters life as she grows. On one outing she falls in love with a thief rogue leader guy. The king realizes his fault, finds his granddaughter and offers her a life with him. She accepts, and finds the rogue guy (who also loves her at this point) but they fight; he doesn't want to leave his own 'kingdom'. They get together in the end and unite the ruffians with the noble-classed. Maybe?

Everyone in the world has psychic powers. At a certain age, only 1/10 of the population will discover their powers. Some will use it for themselves, others will feel it is their duty to us it for others. The other 9/10 are out to eliminate the psychics. Much like X-Men.

Lovely Lawyer
A young woman hires a lawyer to help her through her divorce. The lawyer falls in love with her immediately, eventually learning that she's 'trailer trash'. He doesn't care though. The ex-husband in question decided to take everything from her (car, dog, etc.). (Did as RP with Shirtless Ben)

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