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Stigmas - Magic Eyes
Types and Descriptions

A Stigma is an ocular condition with five variations, the Magic Eyes give their hosts incredible inherent magical abilities. Despite their increased magical power, or perhaps because of it, Magic Eye bearers are almost universally hated and feared in all known countries. Once a person is confirmed a bearer they and their close family and friends are killed. While the majority of people refer to the Magic Eyes as "Demon Eyes", the bearers themselves have taken to calling them "God's Eyes". The three most common types are: the Alpha Stigma, Lino Doue, and Ebra Crypt. Others are the Torch Curse and Will Heim.

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Alpha stigma
"... Alpha Stigma, which is said to analyze and comprehend all magic."

The Alpha Stigma is known as a trait which happens in a rare few humans. It is the magic eye which is able to analyse and understand all magic. It is also possible for the Alpha Stigma to analyse structures around the bearer. The Alpha Stigma is usually activated by the death of a friend or family member, which causes the user to go on a rampage, seeking destruction and death for those around the user. Users seem to have a god-like persona, which has to wreak havoc until either the body burns out and the user kills him/herself, or the Alpha Stigma is crystallized and gouged out. Crystallization occurs by disruption of the user's eyes or mind, which drives the user to the edge of madness and beyond, allowing the crystal to be gouged out. The most probable reason for the Alpha Stigma to be more common is due to the nature of the Alpha Stigma. The Alpha Stigma's tendency to go berserk and kill, in comparison to the other types, might be the reason it is the only one so widely known.

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Lino Doue
"... Lino Doue, which is said to devour people's lives."

The Lino Doue is able to devour the lives of humans. In addition, the bearers seem to have a lust for human flesh as well. One who uses the Lino Doue is able to absorb magic and mana from humans, due to the fact that the human body uses magic in a mana based text. The Lino Doue seems to not have a point of insanity similar to Alpha Stigma, but the users have been shown to become angered when provoked. When a user of these eyes absorbs magic or the lives of people, they can regenerate their wounds and become stronger, though they can still be wounded or killed. The Lino Doue is one of the more rare stigmas.

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Ebra Crypt
"... Ebra Crypt, which is said to look in on people's dreams."

Ebra Krypt is an ability, similar to the Alpha Stigma, except that it allows the bearer to look into a person's dreams. It has the ability to see into others dreams and the user seems to be able to access these dreams upon their own free will. Though it is said that most of the time the user will access random dreams of strangers, once they are able to access the dream of someone, it seems they are able to find his/her dreams again. However, bearers can only see fragments of the dreams they access, and it is never known whether or not this eye can drive the user insane like the Alpha stigma does.

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Torch Curse
"... Torch Curse, which is said to look into the future."

When activated, this eye stops the user's growth and development, so they do not appear to age, but their body 'decays' quicker. It appears as red birds over the bearer's eye, and allows the bearer to see into the future. Using this power appears to have negative effects on the body, as one user became blind (to present, she was still able to see future), apparently from overusing Torch Curse. With each use, the bearer's eyes and hair become more purple. It's the rarest of all stigmas.

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Will Heim
"... Will Heim, which is said to see people's weaknesses and strengths."

The eyes of envy. Allows the user to see others' weaknesses and strengths, but causes the user to see themselves as inferior. Jealousy sets in and the user begins to hate those around themselves. They have a higher tolerance for other Demon's Eye users, however. This stigma, along with Lino Doue, can hear 'God's Voice'.

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