When the world was young, all the corners of the world had their own wonders of might and magic.

The West was home to many different peoples, such as the adaptive Humans, the feral and ancient Wolfen, and the enigmatic Sorus, all people that specialized in the power of nature and the cosmic connection of the moon and the sun. From the warrior's spirit, to the shape-shifting magic of the Wolfen and the aquatic prowess of the Sorus, they worked alongside the elements at their disposal.

The South was home to the Wyndow, a people much like the Humans, but with a connection to the Earth, Will, and the native Wyndow Crystals, which grew where life was in abundance in the south. They were not without rivals however, having their kingdoms fought by the superpower of the Gigatorah Empire, a nation bent on advancing their control over the storms and now spreading the influence of their culture to further and further reaches. While prestige and wisdom were in the Southwest, magic and technology were to the Southeast.

The North was home to the land of the Occult, where the very land itself was alive with horror and hardship. The Vy, a vampire-like people, made this their home, and thrived on the shadows and a warrior's way. Not long after settling this region, the nightmares of the people took form, and so did their power over the darkness that came from those nightmares.

The Far East, separated by a vast black ocean, was home to the Divyne, or as was later discovered, the Atlantians of the ancient world of Earth. Shrouded in mysticism and legends, they were to hold power over the heavens and even a technology so advanced that they were able to create new life, giving birth to the Instynkt, a people they would protect and look over, only until it was time for the Old World to be laid to rest...

As for the power that was sealed with it, was considered lost, but only until recently, as at the center of the world, was a land that was ruled by ancient creatures that all had mastered and even begun to advance all the powers that the people harnessed... These creatures, Dragons as they were called, were a key part of sealing the ancient power, to make way for the dawn of the Era of the Ender.

Now, with the return of these ancient beings, so too, comes the rebirth of the powers of the Old World, all onto an unprepared Hityva, a world that was not ready to face the wonder, the power, and the horror of the ancient masters, denizens, and monsters that were locked away as well... Perhaps conduits of the ancient world may rise up with regained power, and perhaps the wrong people may gain this power, bringing about destruction and pain...