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Finni's Journal
Sorry I keep getting either tied up or just forgetful when it comes to updating my journal nowadays but I did want to make a quick announcement!

The recently released Celestial Queen of Solair had a mistake with the back poses when it was recolored. I'm really sorry about the error. It was an honest mistake where I mixed up the file, and it's been fixed. The artists on this site do go through your feedback and posts on the forums as much as we can spare the time to, and sometimes it's hurtful to see people saying how lazy or rushed or horrible it looks. Every artist here spends a lot of time and energy making things for the site. But, we're still only human, and we make mistakes. All I can do is try to fix them as best as possible.

It's important I think for users to know which artist to contact to make a quick fix on a glitch for an item or two, and you can always feel free to PM me to fix an item that I worked on. Other than The Celestial Queen of Solair (designed by peppertea), some of the other items I created or worked on that haven't been posted here are:

Ginga Acceleration *designed by pywakit
Vengeful Jackalope
Ornith Schoolboy
Flightless Wish
Timid Gruidae
Csilla the Wind Sorceress
Street Ryder Boots
Armor Ryder Boots
MLP: companions (Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack, Derpy, Spitfire, Cheerilee, Lyra, BonBon)
MLP: Spike Merchandise
Scott Pilgrim: Ramona Flowers / Companion
Scott Pilgrim: Todd Ingram / Companion
Scott Pilgrim: Kim Pine / Companion
Scott Pilgrim: Stephen Stills Companion
Leporine Warrior
Astra: Coy Cotton
Anzen Rider
Mellow Cryptodira
Hinterland Warlord of Solair *designed by reapersun
Thundercloud Couture
Gaia Anniversary Flashback
Madoka Magica: Sayaka Miki / Compaion
Madoka Magica: Kyuubey

I'm sure I left something out here but those are the ones off the top of my head!

Thanks guys <3

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  • User Comments: [5]
    *flails* Now I can update your section in the Artist/Item list! heart
    Thank you for all of the wonderful items. *drools*

    comment Winter Hue · Artist · Sat Sep 07, 2013 @ 04:46am
    People wonder why I go "White Knight" on them. I agree with you on the comments that hurt. People should learn to be more constructive.

    But all the items are cute!
    Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up! mrgreen

    comment Nyadriel · Community Member · Sat Sep 07, 2013 @ 07:24am
    You did.....
    jackaloupe, Ornith, Armor Ryder boots, anniversary falshback?!!??!?!?!

    I love your items so much!!!! Y U NO DO MOAR?! burning_eyes

    Ahem.... yes, love those items a lot heart please create more like them if you ever get the opportunity!

    comment Sand Dancer Shaka · Community Member · Sat Sep 07, 2013 @ 03:48pm
    The thing is though, that if an item looks rushed/lazily done, people who are paying $50 for a pixel item do have a right to complain and tell it how they see it. If I bought a watch for $50 and found a huge flaw I'd bring it back to the store and complain too. We have no idea who makes these items when they come out unless an artist claims they worked on it, so the only place to mention these things are in the forum. And because Gaia has a bad rep with fixing glitches in this thread it's usually the angry vocal people who get their items fixed since the public forums, and not that glitch thread, seems like the only places where artists look for glitches/issues with their items. Someone posted about a glitch with Celestial in that SF glitch thread (dress de-equipping on a male base when a certain wig is added) but I doubt you even knew that that glitch report existed until I mentioned it here. This is why people will make a ruckus about an item's flaws when it first comes out, because it is the only time when we know artists are looking at reaction feedback and will fix item problems. So I wouldn't take it personally, that's just how it is when it comes to item complaints since it is a bit difficult to get artists to fix glitches/flaws on items.

    comment Atrazine · Community Member · Sun Sep 08, 2013 @ 07:27am
    Wow I loved all of these items! Especially Kyuubey ;u; (if only it hadn't inflated so much recently >> wink .
    Some of those comments were really harsh from what I saw o-o sorry you had to see that.

    comment Denham · Community Member · Wed Sep 25, 2013 @ 08:41am
    User Comments: [5]

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