My rl name is Abby and I have major depression so please be nice to me. I was bullied in middle school and I wish not to deal with bullies on here. I currently reside in my hometown and I'm a patriot to the core because of the school I go to now so don't change me. I'm currently a freshman in high school and I did fail 8th grade because I was being bullied and was dealing with major depression. One thing you should know I was taken from my family at the age of 8 because of things going on at my home they couldn't afford to take care of us. I was put in a foster home and it was hell so basically my childhood was hell and I still go through so much even today that is why I'm so strong now. Thank my parent's they taught me never to give up, be strong and fight for what's right even if your the only one standing there. Also not to let others harm you or get in your path because everyone has a goal and my goal is to go to Trade School when I get out of school so I'm trying to get excellent grades. Another thing I'm trying not to get into trouble like I did when I was in 8th grade the year I failed. Also I'm a very religious person and if you are in need of help ask me cause I been through maybe more then others have but that may not be true. I will talk about God from time to time cause it's always good to tell others about the lord and my saviour. I was baptisted in 2008 and I'm a baptist but I go to a Christian church not a baptist church. It don't matter what church you go to since all religions branch off of Christianity. I'm 15 years old and if you ask me what I do to deal with my depression is listen to music and cry in my room alone if it's that bad. I'm a fragile being with anger issues cause I have ADHD. I have many friends who are willing to protect me and care for me. I have an amazing family irl and I would do anything to protect them from any harm. I am the youngest child and I have a brother. I love my big brother he's fun and nice. He supports me through everything. I will love my husband on here for a thousand years so please don't get in our business. Music is basically my soul it's the only thing that keeps me calm when I'm in a bad place. Age is just a number you know why cause love is eternal if you find the right person. I'm a writer as you can see on my profile. I write poems most of the time and I'm a very sweet girl if you get to know me. One last thing please be nice to everyone no matter who they are because God loves us all. Everyone one of us are his creation and were not perfect but he is, so don't act like you are. Thank you for reading please add, comment or pm me, if you wanna get to know me or have any questions <3