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Adventures in Pocket In the universe of Pocket, Riwen Aovul travels with various other adventurers in various attempts to save the universe. Meanwhile, the planet is forecasted to fall into the moon in the years to come. All of this is based on a D&D campaign, and is di

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Tortured Past

Running around with Mother, following her like a good little girl. Nothing could be better than spending time with her. Until one night I was ripped away, brutally. I had to go - she told me to. Regardless that she was bleeding, too. I didn't want to leave her. It wasn't fair. First she was cast out of Redwood City, her home with the elves, because of me. Then she was beaten, for the same reason, the beatings bleeding over into me. Father - the human. I don't know what was wrong with him, other than being evil to the very core.

One night, she was bleeding. So was I, but I didn't want to leave her. But she made me - so I ran. Ran as fast as I could. But I passed out halfway through. When I woke up, I was with wolves; a dire pack that had just had a litter. That's where I met Shou, my friend, brother, protector - my companion. I don't know how I got there, but later that would become known to me. Not until much later, though.

While 16 may seem like a decent age to live alone, that's still just a child for a half-elf. So the wolves raised me as their own alongside Shou, until I became a traveler. I fashioned my own bow, my own clothes, from the pack kills. Eventually Shou grew enough that I could ride on his back - we were and still are an unstoppable team! I would use him as a pillow in the forest, so attuned was I to nature. I loved living there, though my feet always got a little sore.

One day I woke up to a pair of boots - much, much nicer than any I had ever had! Without question, I put them on; they felt great, amazing - I loved them. Although, I would always wake in strange places after putting them on, and when I'd take them off before bed, they'd appear back on my feet by morning. Strange as it was, I was grateful for the gift; it was something I got used to. These boots are what brought me to Kumori, and away from her again later.

When I was lucky enough to get something to trade and go into town - Shou always close by me - I ended up buying some armor, and eventually got my hands on a Swordbow - great for ranged and melee combat. In town on year I met Kumori - a black-haired humanoid. She wasn't exactly human, and she had strange psionic powers; something certainly didn't feel right about her. She had been an assassin, but she treated me well, and that was good enough for me, regardless of her strange vibes. So we traveled together for a time, my first friend outside the family.

However, I got separated from her one morning, waking in another strange place, and traveling from there; training, hunting, and living it up with Shou. Gradually I collected wealth, magic items, and other adventuring gear, waiting still to find a purpose for it. Secretly, somewhere, I hoped that I would run into my mother. That I could stop people like my father. That I could save everyone, and everything. That was my calling.

Eventually I came across a man called "The Professor". Just, "the professor." He felt like hiring me for a mission, to pick up something. A tablet, for one of his creations. He had a time portal open up in his home, and was an inventor of the things that came through. For the sake of research, he wanted to see what was on the other side, but he needed this tablet to make it a reality. Knowledge is a noble cause, so I decided to sign his contract with other adventurers. Before we left, he gave me a quiver of Ehlonna, which has a capacity of 600 arrows! Very grateful, I head out with the rest of the team.

There are ruins, that's the dungeon for the pick-up. Strange writing, traps, everything; robots, monsters. In the heat of battle, a lot of my team members end up dying. I almost do, but suddenly - I'm in the middle of the forest again. I have to get back - to help! But I can't. I have no idea where I am. For the next couple years, I try to find my way, Shou helping in whatever way that he can. We become stronger. Guilt riddles me, for even though I had no control over leaving, I abandoned my team to save my skin; abandoned the mission. Then I started feeling sick, deathly sick, if I went in any direction but one. So I was limited to that, the sickness wracking my body. Karma, I'd like to think.

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