get rid of my memories and let me live anew the way i see this world reeks and the pain ive felty is worse then any knife i just want to be happy with the love of my life.

take from me my shaken breazths invigorate my lungs with fresh spirit, sweep me off my feet and take me to your heart catch me hold me and never let go one and only bonds surpassing time may you always and forever be the star that birghtens up my life. without the whimsical godess and her sweet nectar her warm glow and her shimmering stary stare entice and allure me wrapped in her lovingg arms i melt into the marrow of her bones i seep into her very soul wher ei feel most at home her angelic voice matched only by her golden heart i wish to say more about everything she is tpo me but im nopt the greatest at anything but still she says im her number one

heres to you my little love