I know some of you are going to be like 'Are you being silly!?', well no, I'm not, this game is quite a decent one, as you get to play as the Scooby gang, as well as get different costumes for them, including a viking, centurion, ninja (the best costume in the game.), adventurer, rock star, sumo, musketeer, rugby player and opera singer, those are as much as I can remember with the main cast.

also, with costumes you could also play as the enemies, which is a bit of a unique feature for it, since you couldn't normally play as enemies in many games, what's more is that the bosses are kind of cool too; a phantom which sung in tune to the music at the first part, a giant robot which was quite dangerous to fight especially since you had to reflect missiles back at it's head, a giant robot lobster which you had to do what they're best for (cooking.) by using the boilers on the two sides of the room, and a witch queen which is really dangerous, especially since she is quite powerful with magic.

there are also chase levels (which you normally played as Shaggy and Scooby.) which you normally got to run away from the main enemy (except in the final area, where you ran away from the most annoying enemy of the game.) and had to reach the end fast, and it was a little hard too because you had to see what was in front of you.