Dear Ayaka Iz Heer Plz aka Little Cuddles

You probably don't care anymore... but ToonTown is shutting down, perminatly. Kind of sad, seeing as how I met you on there. But, I guess all good things must come to an end.

I probably said I wouldn't message you again... until you messaged me, that is. But I felt lonely, you know? High School drama. Dammit. When'd we grow up?

I still like to role play, all thanks to you (and Olivia). I remember us playing "house" on ToonTown, or was that even what it was called? We went into the VP and you where like, "if I die I leave you everything, Candy." Oh, how I miss the old days. They where so fun... before I started playing RuneScape, before I started reading. Before... everything. sweatdrop

It's kind of like a far away memory... Kind of like it didn't really happy but I know that it did. I know we where friends... at one point. Still hope we are, too. I wish we could talk more often..

I met my brother and sister for the first time a few years ago, for the first time since '03. Six years, Cuddles, six years . I was 13 when I met them again, and it was a little bit strange. The first time I saw my sister was at my Grandma Kathy's funeral. And I didn't recognize her. Go figure, right? She was 12 when we last saw each other. And then she was 18. She's pregnate this year... She's gonna have a baby is March of 2014. I'm happy for her, but our relationship isn't as close as it would've been if we'd grown up together. My brother, sister, and I could've been so much tighter. I'm closer to my sister than my brother, and my brother lives with us!

It must be annoying, coming on for the first time in ages, and seeing messages. From you're dear, sweet, "Candy". (;

I miss you. And I can't say it enough. Please please please please log on soon. Please, for me? I want to know how you're doing, I want to know what you're thinking. How much have we grown up in the almost seven years? gonk I don't want to grow up, it seems like just yesterday I was playing toontown with my closest friends, with the people I called "family."

You, Olivia, Brook, Sunshine, Bunny, Lanisha, Coral Cat. God, where has the time gone? I wish we could go back, saver each moment, change the past. You know? If I could do that, if I could just change little details of what I've done... life would be so much easier.

heart heart heart heart heart