Hello, reader! Today I want to briefly express my opinions about homework.

Now, as a student who liked playing at home, working at home was never appealing. Granted, I did learn a bit, but I could've learned just as much with an hour or two more of school.

My new science class is intended for very high achieving students. I knew it was going to be tough, but holy~! I did NOT expect this much homework!

Come on, science teacher! You talk to us about having fulfilling high school lives, but how is that a possibility with the amount of work you give us?

I hope it's a bluff. The students who enrolled into grade ten this year is indeed overwhelming. It's the biggest addition our school has had in a few years. Not only do we have more students wandering the halls, we also have less space here.

See, a few months back, in June, my city had a flash flood. It just so happened that my high school's basement was flooded and more or less destroyed. It's currently closed for renovation purposes.

So we have more students, but less room. Okay, fine. I don't mind a full school. Crowds are scary, but it's nice seeing so many schoolmates. They're like a group of potential friends.

My school, however, is known for it's IB courses. IB courses are basically more advanced courses intended for those who want a jump-start in post-secondary. I applied for it since
1.) My marks made it easy to apply.
2.) My family has a tradition of IB. I'm not going to break that tradition.

It sounds nice, right? Full IB is what they call people like me. I take as many IB courses as I'm allowed. Some people only take a couple, and they're considered partial IB. Those who don't attend any IB classes are called regular.

Funny, isn't it? Because the IB students seem to outnumber the regular. I guess regular isn't so normal, anymore.

My point is, there are a lot of IB students because of what type of school it is. There is just barely enough to get around. That why I hope all this homework is a bluff.

It's a bluff to get people to drop IB. Now, I know this sounds mean, but I have heard of similar instances happening in the past.

In fact, I've experienced one. In grade nine, I joined wrestling for fun. On the first day, I trained so hard, I nearly died. We lost quite a few members after that, but the exercises became a lot more relaxed. It was a bluff to control the numbers, more or less.

And I'll say it again; I hope all this homework is a bluff. If it's always like this, I don't think I'll be able to handle it. Wish me luck, though.

For science, I have an art project, a booklet assignment, and a lab to finish and hand in tomorrow. I haven't started on any since I basically got them today.

For social, I have to memorize several countries and their capitals. It's not contained in a specific region, either. No, it's not just European countries I have to know. No, not just Asia, or the Americas, or whatever. It's everywhere!

Social teacher, if you ever read this, that was so surprising. I do like memorizing things like foreign characters or certain rules that apply to reality, but world geography is kind of... oh, I don't know. It's kind of a lot to take in for the third day of school.

I'm glad Math makes sense. It's shockingly easy. It is, to put in short words, the same as grade nine math. It's not identical, but the same principles are applied. Like, instead of saying five squared equals twenty-five, you say five is equal to the square root of twenty five. It's pleasantly simple.

As for Religion, I like it. I have the teacher I've looked up to ever since I learned about her. She's the choir instructor as well as my classmate's aunt. She's really cool. We don't do much in Religion, but I don't mind. It's like a breather.

Anyhow, I have to go. Every now and then, I do actually check my entries roughly to fix any major errors and I leave the rest behind. Today, though, I should probably work on my homework.

Thanks for reading my rant-ish thing.

The lyrics today are:
Sometimes I have a notion to get revenge but then
Since I'm in love who cares about the place I've never been
When temptation smiled at me, back to your arms I ran

Alrighty. Time to start some homework. I would bid you all a goodnight, but it's still quite early... and by early, I mean 7:41pm. So... yeah. Bye byes~! yum_puddi