Part 11
"Is it that bad?" Rocky turned to Toby.
"W- No. Th-the wound is just a cut.. a deep cut but.. Basilisk?" Toby looked up at the mask covering Basilisks face. No answer, must be unconscious. Toby's bewildered golden eyes scanned over Basilisk and he gulped. That isn't how a male's body is supposed to curve. Toby cleared his throat, "Uh.. He's a She."
"What?" Rocky walked over.
Toby reached his hands over and pulled Basilisks mask off. Auburn hair spilled out of the helmet. "Yep. now I'm positive."
"Huh... Why?" Rocky slowly face palmed. This didn't make any sense.
"What do you mean why?"
"I don't f*ckin know. Lets just get hi- her out of here." Rocky's deep green eyes rolled at this sudden ridiculous event as he turned heading towards the 7th building. I mean of all times, of all people, why was this chick pretending to be a dude? Whatever, no time to ponder about this now there's a war going on. Toby nodded agreeing with Rocky and helped Basilisk out of her suit. He scooped her up and she stirred in his arms mumbling incoherent words. The blood was still pouring from her fresh wound.
"Basilisk? Can you hear me?" Toby sat down putting her on his lap.
"What are you doing? We have to move now!" Rocky turned calling back to Toby.
"She's bleeding.. a lot. She'd be dead by the time we reach the top. Just hold on." Toby turned back to Basilisk and placed her own hand over her wound. Her body cringed but her hand stayed. "Keep pressure on that. Just hold on you'll be taken care of soon." He wasn't sure if Basilisk was even listening, but he picked her up and carried her away.
They made it to the 7th building Rocky holding the assault rifle following Toby into the building. Many other players were running up the spiral stair case that lead to the top. The all hoped that the helicopter had enough room for all of them. Just about everyone was in bad shape. Blood splattered along the stair well. Rocky almost slipped.
Explosions could be heard outside the building as they made their climb. Once they finally reached the top, out of breath, people rushed to their aid. Stretchers were scattered around the whole roof. A couple of women in army outfits came up and took Basilisk out of Toby's hands and placed her on the stretcher. Everyone was ushered into this gigantic helicopter. Once he was in, Toby followed the nurses who were pushing Basilisk into the infirmary part of the helicopter.
"Ay kid? Please go sit over there." One of the nurses stood in Toby's way.
"Wait. That girl over there. Is she going to be ok?" Toby asked trying to strain his neck to look over the nurses shoulder.
"We aren't sure yet. We are about to take flight, so please go siddown." She insisted a pang of annoyance in her voice. These nurses and army people aren't really used to acting like the stewardess's. Toby sighed and did what she said. He sat next to Rocky.
"So is the he-she alright?" Rocky looked over towards the infirmary.
"Don't know." Toby scratched the back of his head and sighed.
"Hm.. at least all this sh*t is over." Rocky sat back closing his eyes.
Once the helicopter was full they slid the ramp back in and closed the door. The other players who couldn't fit were sadly left to their deaths. I'm just kidding once the helicopter flew off another one landed. They quickly fled from the area.
When all the survivors were out and all that was left was Rahu, the combat helicopters fired missiles into the fake city. After only an hour later everything that ever is or was in that city is now broken burned or scattered around the whole area.
The Rahu survivors escaped on their own ship that got away.