I wrote this a while ago. Currently, I'm working on something for a friend. I don't have time to write a new entry today, so I hope this'll do. Plus, I was planning on uploading this eventually, so why not now?

It was so dark that I got lost just staring at it. To me, it was an everlasting stretch of void. I cautiously reached out my arm, curious, into the black mass.

“Hey!” I heard. “That’s my hair you’re touching! Geez, girls these days are so touchy-touchy.” A scoff.

My gaze wandered down and I was greeted by an irritated expression. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, and retracted my hand. “Did you know your hair is black?”

“Of course I know! It’s my hair. I see it every time I look at myself.”

“Why did you dye it black?”

“I didn't dye it black. What are you? Stupid? It’s my natural hair colour.”

I gasped, partly out of surprise and partly out of realization. I can’t handle talking to people, especially boys. And he was a special boy, at that. I looked for the nearest exit and made my way.

It was meant to be a story where the heroine sees everyone with white hair except this one boy. Maybe it could have developed into a romance, but I'm no good with that stuff.

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All systems go, the sun hasn't died
Deep in my bones, straight from inside

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