I wont get any for a few days either.
Which means a few more days of not sleeping.
Which means a few more days of a constant state of fatigue.
Which means a few more days of yawning.
Which means a few more days of my jaw hurting.
Which means a few more days of energy drinks.
Which means a few more days of disgusting taste.
The ones I have taste terrible..
All this translates to suffering.
Speaking of which I had a bad day today.
It was really hot so while I was walking/running I sweated a lot more than usual.
Which lead to dehydration that I honestly didn't notice.
Which was because of all the energy I thought I had from the drinks.
Anyway I end up falling over on the verge of passing out.
I open my eyes to some girl standing over me, and she was wearing a skirt.
She was embarrassed, but now that I think about it her panties were cute.
She slapped me which I guess I deserved at the time, but it was an accident.
A bunch of people laughed, but I was pretty out of it.
I drank a bunch of water after.
I got some classes at West Valley and went there after.
The teachers all yelled at me and such, because I was kinda slow.
Which was mostly because of the dehydration.
Anyway I walked back home in the heat again.
I saw the girl again.
Now that I think about it she was really pretty.
She had a long pony tail, and glasses.
She looked kinda nerdy but I like that type of stuff.
Her sweater thing which I don't know what it really was, was grey colored.
Her skirt was black and her shirt was white.
Her panties were stripped white and green.
The looked kinda frilly.
Anyway all day all I wanted was an Omlette du Fromage.
But by the time I got home my mother ate all the eggs.
Which were like ten of them...
I counted...
Three times..
So that sucked I got doughnuts though.
But a little while ago I ate wax off my desk.
I thought it was glaze from the doughnut but boy was I wrong.
I shaved my face after and I got a bunch of tiny cuts.
They'll heal fast I'm sure, but it still hurts like a ********.
I had to talk to a cable guy with a boner...
My dog kept trying to eat my d**k.
All in all this day ******** sucked.
Does this count as me complaining?
I wasn't trying to I was just glad to be able to remember it all.
I'd love to sleep this day away but I probably wont.
More energy drinks..
A few more days..