I was honestly going to make a title for this.
Then I remembered how hard it is for me to choose a title to stick to.
I can sometimes be very indecisive.
The best way to get myself over it is to stop caring and just forget about it.
Which is why I kind of hated English classes making me put titles.
I always did good on essays though.
I'm digressing from what my point was again.
Of the two titles the first one was this

There's Nothing I Hate More Than Waking Up

It's going to be canned yet it still made its way into this damn thing.
Everything of my creation is stubborn.
I digress.
There's nothing more I hate than waking up because dreaming is always better.
I can't control my dreams but they are always biased towards me.
Which I guess they're supposed to be.
I'm usually pretty happy in them.
I've tried to kill myself in them only twice.
On both occasions it turned out happy.
I usually always wake up the same though.
I'd reach out to someone in the dream.
Only to wake up with my arms outstretched.
I could be kissing someone to wake up to kissing J.C.
It isn't so bad.
I've gotten used to the disappointment.
It's probably better that I forget them pretty quickly.
My dreams feel pretty damn real when I first wake up.
Almost a little too real.
I know none of the stuff would ever probably never happen.
But a man can dream, can't he?