Player: Turnip [Oxbearturnip]
Name: Artemis Winters
Age: 38
Race: Cyborg [Formerly Human] Caucasian
Height: 5’8
Weight: 300 lbs [Fully prosthetic body+Tentacles]
Body type: Thin, lanky, nerdy. Ugly.
Cyber body type: Ridiculously cut and fabulous underneath the lab clothes, but still just 5’8. Fine chiseled chin, handsome. Even though it's totally fake. lol
Eye color Brown, but they are always covered by goggles.
Hair Color: Brown, long and in a pony tail.
Personality: Professor Winters personality wise is basically the professor from Futurama. He’s eccentric, brilliant, and quite mad by extension of these two qualities.
Appearance: A pony tailed Adonis of a scientist, whom wears goggles, a white lab coat, and gray slacks, along with a white button up short sleeve dress shirt beneath the coat. With mechanical tentacles waggling about like- JUST WANTED TO SAY HEEEEYYY
Natural Abilities:
Knowledge: Nuclear Physicist, Experimental biologist, Neural Scientist and mad scientist by extension of all this. Professor Winters power does not lie in his physical abilities, but his mental capacities. The man is a genius even if he is entirely far too eccentric at times, and it’s worthy of being noted as a power. Aside from a large span of text book knowledge, the professor has studied avidly in the occult, and metaphysical sciences still being explored and mapped out. It's uncanny how much he has stored in those databanks, and relatively difficult to find a subject he knows nothing about.
Dexterity: The man’s hand eye coordination+ Hand operation precision; is insane. Even without the extra limbs. This is noteworthy due to his uncanny ability to achieve things that would otherwise take much more time due to sheer volume of tasks, or due to requiring a steady calm hand. [Ie; He can dissect subjects, perform surgeries, mix compounds, locate books/data within books, ect, ect. at an alarming speed. This is a branch off of his knowledge ability in essence. ]
Fully prosthetic body: This is a fully prosthetic cyber-body, completely equipped with a cyber brain, and neural optic port on the back of the spine. The cybernetic body boasts four times the strength of a human being, three times the agility, and roughly four times the resilience.
Special alterations:
Sub-dermal-implants Professor Winters has sub-dermal implants placed at various points of the body just beneath the synthetic flesh to protect the mechanical innards. [Chest, forearms, upper arms, upper thigh, shins, skull, complete with a cylinder casing that runs up the back to cover the spine. This was not a combat choice, but rather a choice to help shield his cyber-body from serious damage should any of his wilder experiments go awry to any degree.
Tentacles: Artemis Winter’s only super-human abilities derive from the four cyber-brain-extension controlled, electronically-powered, telescoping, prehensile titanium-steel tentacles attached to a stainless steel harness encircling his body from lower chest to waist. Each tentacle, approximately five inches in diameter, terminates in three single-jointed pincers. The pincers are able to rotate in relation to the arm for 360 degrees, in a screwdriver-like twisting motion. Each tentacle segment contains four high-efficiency electric motors equipped with a clutched, helical-gear train, independently mounted on frictionless gimbals and housed in four thin, overlapping layers of titanium-niobium steel. The titanium-steel alloy is light, has high-tensile strength, a high melting point, and high thin-wall rigidity. The motors get their power from a small nuclear-powered thermo-electric generator, which can provide several hundred watts per hour for up to five years before needing to replace its U-239 core.
• Telescoping: Each tentacle is approximately six feet long at full contraction, but can extend to a maximum of 24 feet in length.
• Superhuman Striking Force: Each tentacle is capable of moving at a speed of ninety feet per second and strike with the force of a jackhammer.
• Wall-Climbing and Traveling: By combining the intrinsic strength of both his tentacles and the pincers, Professor Winters can scale stone, brick, or concrete walls by rending "handholds" in the surface of the wall [This works for low quality steel, and otherwise thinly contained metal structures]. Professor Winters is able to use his tentacles for traversing horizontal distances as well. At full extension, he can travel high above the ground as if on stilts, either using two tentacles, or for maximum speed (approximately 50 miles per hour), four tentacles.
• Sensation: Feeling: Although there are no nerve endings throughout the length of his artificial arms, Professor Winters can "feel" basic sensations with them. As a result of the mutagenic changes from exposure to radiation during the procedure, electrical connections have been made from his chest harness to his spine. Thus, Professor Winters can mentally perceive "tactile" sensations by feeling the amount of electrical resistance that the pincer's electric motors feel when the pincers grasp an object.
Bio: Professor Winters, sometimes referred to as Dr. Frankenstein, is a brilliant nuclear physicist, with a backing Doctorate in Biology, and Neural Science. Not only is he beyond the term genius, he’s just as ******** crazy and eccentric as a human would have to be to possess a mind of this nature. Since switching over to fully prosthetic, Professor Winters has seemed to show more brazen exploratory nature in his theories and experiments. From literal Frankenstein beasts [Classified as Chimera’s by the government] to cybernetically enhanced super soldier procedures. After the unveiling of his Biological Tank, an cyber- elephant with sub-dermal armor, a soldier compartment, and mounted gatling lazers; the Galactic Governemt decided he was too valuable and too dangerous to allow to be free. Currently, he’s been apprehended illegally by the Intergalactic Government, and sent out to Fartforport where he is being held prisoner: and being forced to create War-Beasts.