Not quite six months after Aunt Mary passes, Uncle Jerry's body is found out by Lufkin. I'm very sad for the way things have gone, it still seems unreal. I'm not as broken up as I was for Aunt Mary, the only good thing about him removing himself from our lives several years ago. It's still so hard to believe, especially since we saw him at Amaron's graduation party. He looked older, but was still the same skinny man we knew. I would've never thought he was going to die of an enlarged heart while changing his tire. But here's the kicker. He was out there, visiting his girlfriend. She must've found him first, and I don't know what kind of person she was, but even then, she lied to the police who came, and said she didn't know his next of kin. To keep the truck, maybe? We looked her up on facebook, and I'm not talking about her, but my aunt was way prettier. The only thing was that she's young. It's just a very sad thing, and I feel bad for my cousins, who now have lost both their mom and dad in the same year. God bless them.