Time is once again my foe, especially in regards to keeping you up to date. Things have been better, and worse admittedly. I'm now looking into employment aside from
My business venture (to keep afloat whilst keeping $$$ in my pockets) and to be honest it is rather...disheartening. I have yet to become published and have began thinking of writing a romance novel to interest the reading public. Perhaps if I publish onto mobile platforms and set a low cost it will gain some

I have also began to look for other interest aside from work and home due to Darius hitting school age. He is very stubbornly refusing to learn the more simplistic of trades, such as pensmanship and numbers and letter recognition. I fear that this is a character trait that may evolve into something that bars me from leaving my company to him. Aside from that I have also began seeking interest on a mobile dating service Zoosk. It is more of an exercise in seeing who else is interested in my current self than an attempt at finding another partner, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the response. I have been reduced to only one form of interconnectivity, which is my phone, so apologies for the messy nature of this post.

I also had the chance to see Kaleo this month which lifted my spirits greatly. I have always had a partnership with him an it is always great to have even a brief moment with him. I wish that I could be around him more but as far as money and distance goes it becomes difficult. I have also been unable to
Connect with him online due to my current business and personal
Obligations, but being without contact really does my head in. Oh well, is all I can conjure to say in regards to this though.

I suppose I should post in the comig weeks to update you, so I will do
My best to keep to this.

Lets end with a quote,

"We all need a bit more Gene in us. Being content without ignorance is surely the answer to life's question of happiness"