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Cosplay Hints
This is a place I will post my cosplay creations and "How To" guides. Please feel free to ask for guides at any point I cosplay for a living so I have lots of tips and tricks for creating that hard to find cosplay add ons.
Bubble head Masks (Nightmare nurse)
Need a bubble head mask? You can apply them to any costume you need to. From Silent Hill to Over cartooned video game characters. This guide will apply to Silent Hill masks since that what I have photos of.

Here's a super easy Mask that is safe for all ages to make.

What you'll need:
Mixing bowl and whisk
Full Face ski mask (White preffered so you can stain it brown with coffee grounds and bloody it with brown, red, and black paint)
A crap ton of News papers (recyleing yay!)
Paper Mache or if you're cheap like me mixing flour and water will work just fine
Large (11" wink Round balloon
Towls to clean up
Something to use to scratch your nose cuz your hands will be messy
Acrylic Paint (Nightmare Nurse=White, Brown, Red, and Black)
Masking tape (Harsh overly sticky tapes like Duct Tape will pop balloons)
Paper mask like the undecorated marigras masks (later we'll call them Blank masks to save time). You can get them at any craft or party store **You want a Mask with a nose ridge so you can leave a hole to breath out of!!!
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First off you'll need to blow up your balloon to full size or at least bigger then your head. Then place you ski mask over your balloon. If you need to you can tape it down. BUT!!! only tape the inside of the ski mask to the balloon so you dont have to peel off paper mache later to get it off.

Once your ski mask is secure then tape down your Blank Mask making sure to leave you eye holes lined up since I'm sure you're probably going to want to see. This part will be covered COMPLETELY by paper mache so it wont matter how much tape you use since it won't show through

Now for the incredibly messy part....
Make sure to use a flat surface and put your towls or what ever down to make messes minimal. mix your paper mache

Cheap recipe:
Enough water to make it runny.
Thicker then milk and thinner then egg

Rip your news paper into long strips and liberally cover them in youre mache mix and use them to cover the face of the mask leaving the nose hole and eyes clear. You also want to leave the back of your mask mache free to as the mache covered bit will not be flexible enough to put on or remove. and unless you wnat to get all complcated by cutting it in half and adding hinged then I highly reccomend against it.
**Remember just cuz your head fits into something doesn't always mean you'll be able to get it back out. **
After your added a thick layer of mache and news paper then fell free to get creative by rolling mache saoked bit of news paper and add extra dementions to your mask like eye ridges and so forth.

Once you've got your mask to your standards then let it sit over night (on top of the fridge is warm and quickens the drying process).

Paint your mask to your preffernce use an off white to tan since plain white will look out of place cuz nightmare nurses look a bit scuzy/gross.
**Hint! Flicking paint off of a tooth brush onto your mask can create a great blood splater look with out making too much of a mess**

Next day pop that freaking balloon!!! Your mask should stay attached to your ski mask since mache has a tendency to stick to (and ruin) cloth. If not then allow it to dry a bit more and glue the b*****d on.

Good luck and as always please feel free to send me pics, comments, or questions!

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