my health has been horrible. I had a bad seizure last night. and i got home late without realizing it. 12:51am est/edt i forget wtf time is is. it was so horrible. i was so scared i was in teh shower and couldn't move my legs correctly and i went straight to my moms room, which took, awhile and tryied to get her to help me. i was so scared, oh my god oh god i don;t want to cry but now my eyes are watering. she hekped me to my room and helped me get dressed into pajamas and then gave me my medcine and after the hugs and staying by me for a bit after she left the rooma nd tried going bakc to sleep, i layed down but the migranes part of it was still there. i tried dealing with it and then my body became a bit more shaky and i was able to move my body better, and then all of a sudden i just remember heading to the bathroom and i was vomiting really badly. i was so scared i haven't had a seizure this bad in a very long time. i'm sitll even nervous right now. oh god my typing on here is horrible at the moment i'm sorry.
i really need to write this down even in here, after talking with a friend, for my Dr.
Friday/Saturday 8/30--8/31 Times: 12:51am, took shower with what i thought was migrane, seizing started in shower, couldnt move, tried my hardest to go to my mom's room, then both in my room, last i looked at clock then next thing i knew 2:03am vomiting